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Dragon Age Inquisition – Is it another big game disaster of 2014?


Bioware’s next entry in the Dragon Age series is on its way and skeptics are waiting with baited breath to see what happens. Is this going to be a miss for the Bioware boys, moving along with the disappointing Dragon Age II, or will it be a homerun smash returning to the glory of Dragon Age: Origins? Only time will tell.

Introducing Dragon Age: Inquisition

Dragon Age was another entry to the single player role-playing game genre from the people who brought us the legendary Knights of the Old Republic. A medieval fantasy game where players explore an open world and engage on an enthralling fantasy adventure that will definitely keep them engaged for hours. The degree of character customization and open-world environments hit a high note with the well received Dragon Age: Origins, but then something went terribly awry.

I blame the rushed nature of production but for whatever reason Dragon Age II was a step backwards from Origins; nowhere near as much character customization, a much more limited world and a story which though good in its own way did not continue the great legacy of the previous two titles.

Is Bioware to blame for the probable failure of Dragon Age Inquisition?

It’s hard not to see a recent trend with Bioware’s games. First there was the 2012 controversy over Mass Effect 3, the last twenty minutes of which some believe ruined the entire franchise, not to mention the push on Dragon Age 2, which left a lot of fans wanting.

Finally, a certain Star Wars multi-player role playing game has been a massive fail in capital letters plastered over the studio, due largely to the choice to use an archaic subscription model and thus directly compete with both Eve Online and World of Warcraft. Essentially, it’s a death sentence for an MMO game.

Game sequels in general end up in failure

It all points to one distinct problem; someone somewhere isn’t learning. The original Mass Effect was definitely not dark and gritty; it was bright, colorful, eccentric and fun. The sequels decided to throw this out the window and instead go for a dark and gritty space shooter with chest high walls and barely any RPG aspects.

Dragon Age Origins was huge; it had a depth of story and experience to rival the Elder Scrolls series and had deep character customization. Dragon Age II, by comparison, took shortcuts to finish production early and ship, a mistake that Bioware had previously avoided by giving up Knights of the Old Republic II because LucasArts was pressuring to have them rush production. The weird thing is they went on to make Mass Effect and forge a name for themselves because of that decision, but then made the same mistake with their own franchise.

Dragon Age: Inquisition – a promising RPG game we’re looking forward to play

Dragon Age: Inquisition looks promising, and there’s no doubt about that; it’s been in production for an extended period so it shouldn’t look sloppy or rushed. It’s actually beautiful as well and the world size is apparently a return to origin scale. This is a good sign considering their competition is the Witcher III, which right now is something of a PC mainstay all but ensured to ship.

Publisher EA needs a hit too considering the debacle of the new Sim City (utter fail) and Battlefield 4 (how to sign your market share over to the Call Of Duty franchise in one step) so eyes will be on Dragon Age Inquisition to try and retrieve reputations all-round.

Author Bio: The article is being authored by an avid gamer and blogger Alfred Stallion. He love car games and usually plays them in his free time. He is the owner of an online gaming site Car Games 365.

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