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Do We Need Tetris 99?

Yesterday during the Nintendo Direct, a surprise free-to-play game was announced. The game is Tetris 99. I’ve played it and now I have some impressions to share. Do we need Tetris 99?

Tetris 99, a free-to-play game for the Nintendo Switch, came to the eshop yesterday. The game pits you in a game of Tetris against 99 other people. It is an online, multiplayer only game. As far as I can tell, there are no extra things to buy. Tetris 99 is just free, as long as you have Nintendo Switch’s online service.

The game does not include a single player mode or any other modes than multiplayer. And you are not playing directly against other players, they are on the sideline and how well they do can throw some extra Tetris pieces into your Tetris panel and cause you to lose.

Tetris 99 is very simple, doesn’t have many options (you can’t even turn off the ghost Tetris), and while its graphics are nice, its no Tetris Effect.

Then again, the game is free on the eshop, so what do you want?

If you want a better Tetris for the Switch, I recommend getting Puyo Puyo Tetris. That game has a lot of options and its really great. Of course, it costs money.

So really, do we need Tetris 99? No, we don’t but if you want some free Tetris fun on your Switch, this is the only option.

Its not a bad game. Personally though, I own Puyo Puyo Tetris and I’m going to stick with that game.


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