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Valve hopes to include Film, TV and Music in First Public SteamOS


SteamOS is an operating system built with one thing in mind: Valve wants it to be the centre of your gaming universe. Forget all the things that make gaming on PC a hassle for those not used to it. Simply turn on your Steam machine, pick the game you want to play and get into it. The one current fault of SteamOS is that it’s too gaming focussed, but that’s something Valve hope to change before it’s out of beta.

While SteamOS hopes to be the console-like answer to the overly bulky Windows operating system, it’s lack of multimedia capabilities make switching a difficult thing to do. If you want to build a rig just for gaming, it won’t be too bad, but anybody used to everything a PC can do PLUS gaming might find the lack of options off-putting. Several Twitter posts made by attendees at the Steam Dev Days event in Seattle confirm that Valve’s Anna Sweet announced the push into film, TV and music. 

To make or break SteamOS, Valve have to prove that it can do everything you’d expect Windows to do, but with a focus on gaming. Else you end up with something similar to Origin’s attempt to take market share from Valve, or even player reaction when Steam first launched. 


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