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Indie Game ReVeN Recieves First Trailer


Today, Indie developer Varia Games started a Kickstarter campaign for their up and coming Metroid-esque, side-scrolling action adventure game, ReVeN.While the game draws heavy inspiration from the Nintendo classic Metroid.  ReVeN promises to offer some unique and innovative ideas of its own. Providing players with a “shooter/platformer EVOLVED” experience, akin to the Metroid and Mega Man games of old, but with new and innovative gameplay mechanics and RPG elements, the likes of those you would find in such popular titles as Crysis and Deus Ex.

During the game, players will be tasked with exploring the mysterious alien planet known as XR-KERES. But beware, the planet’s outward beauty hides its true ruthless nature. Players will be required to defend themselves from the world’s hostile inhabitants by using a vast array of futuristic weaponry, as well as utilizing tools for mining minerals in order to acquire player upgrades. All of this while exploring a massive alien world.While there is still little information available regarding ReVeN, the game is slated for release on PC, Mac and Linux and will have Single-player, Multi-player, Co-op and Local Co-op play. For now though, you can check out the games planned Kickstarter trailer above.

ReVeN Kickstarter page



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