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Heroes Trials

Heroes Trials is a hack’n’slash dungeon crawling rpg for the Nintendo Switch. How does the game play? Is it any fun? Here is my review of Heroes Trials!

Heroes Trials could’ve been a great rpg. Right from the start, I liked its graphics. Its not the best looking game on the Switch but its graphics are nice and cute. I thought I was about to play a great hack’n’slash dungeon crawler. Instead, I got a good hack’n’slash dungeon crawler that could’ve been better.

The biggest fault with Heroes Trials is that it lives up to its name. Heroes Trials is literally  about heroes going on trials. The player is presented with one mission after another, all timed, and has to rush through dungeons and towns to get the best score possible. Its not a horrible idea and the execution of this game is not bad, but its all very basic and a bit uninteresting at times.

Heroes Trials has you going through very generic towns and dungeons. The puzzles in the dungeon are simple. The battles range from very easy to a bit hard (the boss battles). If you are looking for a short time killer, Heroes Trials can provide that. Each mission is a small segement thats over quickly. There are plenty of save points, you can even save during a mission.

The game’s controls are good. The game’s combat is pretty basic and so its controls are easy to learn. Heroes Trials doesn’t take advantage of the Switch’s touch screen or motion controls. The game does look good in handheld mode and on the TV.

Overall, Heroes Trials is a good game, its just a bit generic. If you feel like some quick hack’n’slash fun, you could do worse. Of course, you could do better too.

Heroes Trials gets a 7.0 out of 10!

Thanks to Ratalaika Games for providing a digital code for this review. Heroes Trials is now available on the Nintendo Switch eshop!


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