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Final Fantasy XIV Has Free Login Weekend

ff14 - free login weekend

Square Enix have today announced that Final Fantasy XIV will be having a free login weekend over the next few days for EU-based players.

From the press release:

With so many additions and refinements to the game, we’re excited to have as many players as possible experience all that FFXIV: ARR has to offer. To that end, we’ve decided to host a Free Login Weekend! 

Notice the wording: this is a free login weekend, and you’ll not be able to just download the client and play. You have to have already purchased Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn if you want to return for the weekend, and your account will need to have become inactive if you want to take advantage of the free part.

Which I suppose isn’t too bad, if you’re one of the people who will benefit from it. Not played for a few months? Check out if there are any new interesting updates for the weekend and see if you’re interested in returning (or, better yet, power through and avoid a month’s fee).

The Final Fantasy XIV free login weekend begins tomorrow (11/01/2014) at 8AM GMT and will finish at 8AM GMT on Monday (13/01/2014). If you want to confirm whether you account is inactive, check out the Mog Station.


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