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Alien: Isolation Has Been in Development for Three+ Years


Alien: Isolation looks fantastic, there’s little room for debate on that matter, but people are still worried that the reality might not live up to that original trailer. And rightly so: SEGA (or Gearbox, more so) screwed up in a big way with Colonial Marines. Isolation isn’t some flash in the pan knee-jerk reaction to the hate though, it’s been in development for three and a half years, an amount of time that seems rather long.

From Rock, Paper, Shotgun, who asked Al Hope, creative lead, about how important Isolation being a Survival Horror was:

We’ve been working on this for over three and a half years. I think for us from the outset the goal was always really clear. The vision was crystal clear, so we just stuck to that. That hasn’t changed over the course of development, so we’re kind of blinkered in that respect but… we’re doing our own thing, we’re taking the franchise in a completely different direction.

Colonial Marines was in development for quite a while, as well, although it seems they’re trying to distance themselves from that (and rightly so). They’re doing their own thing, and only time will tell how successful that is.


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