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LEGO Dimensions – Adventure Time Team Pack

We recently took a look at the Adventure Time Level pack, and thoroughly enjoyed what we got in the package. The world is beautifully detailed with that Adventure Time esthetic, and the gameplay itself is different enough to make it feel fresh, but still that classic LEGO action. The Adventure Time Team Pack doesn't add anything new in terms of environments, but brings to life more characters and vehicles from the Adventure Time franchise.


The Martian VR Experience Launches Globally Tomorrow

The movie The Martian with Matt Damon was really good. And soon gamers will get to experience the Martian in VR. Check out the press release for The Martian VR Experience below! ” FOX INNOVATION LAB RELEASES THE MARTIAN VR EXPERIENCE  Executive Produced by Ridley Scott and Directed by Robert Stromberg, Interactive, Immersive Adventure Takes Fans to Mars   TORONTO, ON – 14 November, 2016 – Fox Innovation Lab, Twentieth Century Fox’s research and development centre, in partnership with ...


LEGO Dimensions Holiday Buying Guide

With Disney Infinity bowing out of the Toys-To-Life marketplace, there really are only two options for these types of games: Skylanders and LEGO Dimensions. While Skylanders does get plenty of play time in my home, LEGO Dimensions easily trumps it, and in our humble opinion, it is the toys-to-life game you should be buying this holiday season. Here is a wrap up of what has released recently, and what is going to release soon, complete with links to our opinions!


LEGO Dimensions – Mission Impossible Level Pack

I always enjoy when LEGO Dimensions comes out with Level packs. Although we have seen that they aren't quite as big as Story Packs, they definitely beat out Team Packs and Fun Packs in overall value. The Mission Impossible Level Pack may seem small - only one character and two vehicles - but the included levels and story line make this one exceptional release for the popular franchise.


LEGO Dimensions: Gandalf Meets Newt Scamander (Video)

Many new heroes and villains are coming to Lego Dimensions soon. Among them is Newt Scamander. If you are going “Who?”, that’s understandable. We haven’t even seen the movie with Newt yet! Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is a prequel to the Harry Potter franchise and Newt Scamander is the hero of the new movies. And Lego Dimensions has put up a new video introducing him to the game. Gandalf the grey, from Lord of the Rings, introduces…


LEGO Dimensions – Harry Potter Team Pack

If you've never read or watched Harry Potter, I strongly suggest you just stop reading this and go do it. Regardless of what you think about wizards and witches, this long saga is a tale you don't really want to miss. When it was originally announced that this franchise would be coming to LEGO Dimensions, I was incredibly excited. After playing around in the level for a number of hours, I can safely say I was not disappointed.


LEGO Dimensions – Ghostbusters Story Pack

LEGO Dimensions is the must own Toys-to-Life gift this holiday season, and for LEGO fans, the most own game this holiday season. No, it's not a new title, but with all the updates and releases from LEGO and Warner Bros., you would think it is! Recently, GamesReviews was fortunate enough to get a few of the newly released packs to play around with, and Ghostbusters was my first choice!


How to Approach LEGO Video Games

LEGO video games can be the most frustrating thing to play, especially for those not familiar with how the games work. The number of people who don’t understand you cannot get everything in your first play through of a level astounds me. But, with no frame of reference, I guess it’s not that crazy! I’ve been working my way through the LEGO Harry Potter Collection on the PS4 recently, and realized just how difficult it is to get everything in…


LEGO Harry Potter Collection a Nostalgic Trip

The grunting is back, and the voices are gone, but that’s perfectly fine with us! LEGO Harry Potter Collection recently launched on the PS4 and we are loving our time with it so far. While some will argue that this is purely a money grab, I have a different take on it which I will outline below. If you haven’t played the original two Harry Potter titles recently, the graphical changes probably won’t hit you over the head. Let’s face…


Minecraft: Education Edition is Out Now

Minecraft is cool block building game, but can it be used an educational tool? Apparently, the developers of the game think so! Minecraft: Education Edition is out now. Minecraft: Education Edition is now available. If you are a teacher or a student, you will want to know about this. It sounds pretty interesting! Here are the details via an e-mail we received about the game: ” Today, we are excited to announce that Minecraft: Education Edition is now available for…


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