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Townsmen: A Kingdom Rebuilt feature

Townsmen: A Kingdom Rebuilt

The latest from HandyGames is a remastered version of their medieval city-builder; Townsmen: A Kingdom Rebuilt. This title aims to completely overhaul the original with a port to PC. The original game existed as a freemium game for mobile devices, and as we know, there are many games who have attempted to leave mobile platforms for PC or console and have failed miserably. Will this wildly successful app make the transition to PC smoothly and manage to win over new fans? Let’s take a look!

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Konami Will Release Arcade, Castlevania, and Contra Anniversary Collections This Year

I am a huge Castlevania fan. I love the NES ones, the SNES games, Symphony of the Night, and all the GBA and DS ones. And so when Konami announced last night that there would be an Anniversary Collection of Castlevania games released this year, well, I went nuts. There will also be an arcade collection and a Contra collection! Konami has announced that they will be releasing Arcade games, Castlevania, and Contra collections this year. They will be available…

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The Alliance Alive HD Remastered – Together, We Rise (Trailer)

NIS America had a showcase today where they showed off some games that they’ll be bringing to the Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC this year. One of those titles was The Alliance Alive HD Remastered! Check out the trailer below. The Alliance Alive was originally on the 3DS and published by Atlus. I played the game on that system and thought it was pretty good game. And now NIS America is bringing the title to the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4,…

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Division 2 Preorder

Details Announced for The Division 2 Post-Launch Content

Earlier today, Ubisoft announced the full details for The Division 2 Post-Launch content, including the entire year of free content as well as the Year 1 Pass. This content follows The Division 2's endgame focus by giving players a full year of free post-launch updates with additional Episodes, major content updates, missions, PvP and PvE game modes, and specializations. Each specialization brings a new signature weapon and an entirely unique skill tree to unlock and master as players take on these new high-level challenges. 

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Cinematic prologue to Metro Exodus prepared by Platige

Platige - the polish studio well known in creating 3D animation, computer graphics and special effects has prepared a trailer for latest 4A Games production - Metro Exodus

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Assassin’s Creed III Remastered Launching March 29th

A few months ago, Ubisoft announced that it would be giving an overhaul treatment to one of the franchises more polarizing experiences, Assassin's Creed III. Set during the American Revolution, the time period was a perfect fit for the franchise, but a number of glitches and game play issues held his title back, leaving a bad taste in the mouth of many. Now, years later, we all get to enjoy a more fully featured and complete version of Assassin's Creed III, and I could not be more excited!

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The Walking Dead: Final Season – Episode 3 Review

If you've been playing along with the final season of The Walking Dead, you know the game is heading for an interesting, hopefully shocking, end. And the development team is working hard at bringing the game in for a final landing when Episode 4 launches later this year. But we are one step away, and after completing Episode 3, we are excited for what is next!

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S.W.I.N.E. HD Remaster is coming to PC this spring

What a pig looks like, everyone can see. Mostly it occurs in the form of ham or pork knuckle but there are also known endemic variations of sausages  that can be found in many supermarkets.

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End of an era? Epic Store declared war

Metro Exodus has been withdrawn from Steam today and became an exclusive on Epic Game Store.

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How to Level Up Fast in League of Legends

We understand that being a new player to League of Legends can be frustrating, especially if you want to get into the competition ranks. The fact that players can’t get into the ranks until they reach Summoner level 30 can put some players off as they worry about the time they will have to invest in working their way through the levels. Luckily, we have some great ideas to help you level up quicker, read on to find out how…

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