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Faceoff Wired Pro Controller from PDP for Nintendo Switch

If you are anything like me, you have likely applauded Nintendo for the invention of the Joy-Con. Two together makes a full, regular sized controller, but on their own they can quickly provide flexibility by allowing two players to play instead of one. It is an ingenious bit of technology that makes the Nintendo Switch compatible for two players, right out of the box. But let's be real, if the opportunity was available, and funds unlimited, everyone would purchase 4 Nintendo Pro Controllers and be done with these Joy-Con controllers all together. Sadly, at ...

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Samsung Gear S3 Frontier: Battery

One of the reasons most people shy away from smart watches is the assumed battery life such a device could have. Some of the fancy, higher tech devices require a charge every day and a half - which ultimately means you are charging every night to avoid it dying mid day. Even watches that claim to track your sleep become unusable as most individuals are popping them on the chargers overnight, limiting some of the watches functionality that consumers paid for. So far, after about a month with the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier, I haven't run into a single battery ...

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Samsung Gear S3 Frontier – Design and Build Quality

Thanks to our good friends at Samsung Canada, I've been giving a great opportunity to review the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier as I work towards some personal fitness goals. With six months to use the device, there will be ample opportunity to review it, provide feedback, and follow up on the experiences I've had to see if they've remained the same, gotten better, or progressively worse. Today, we will look at the design and build quality of the S3 Frontier, and talk about it's aesthetical nature. Is this something you want to sport in your day-to-day activities? ...

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Mad Catz is Back

After a several year Hiatus, Big Boy PR out of the UK announced today that Mad Catz was making a return to the accessories development marketplace, and had tons of new products and ideas in store for consumers. It's been a number of years since Mad Catz was a relevant brand; if my memory serves me right, their last major production project was the equipment for the Rock Band re-release, prior to that development being taken over by Performance Design Products when Mad Catz folded. Check out the video below, and get hyped for the return of Mad Catz!

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BlackBerry Motion Review

I've been using the BlackBerry motion for a good 2-3 weeks now, and I'm thoroughly impressed with the product in my hands. BlackBerry gets a lot of flack and hate, some deserved and some not, but with their latest two cell phones - the BlackBerry KEYone and the BlackBerry Motion - they are letting the cellphone marketplace know they are still alive and well, and ready for business. Whether a classy businessman, or someone who enjoys having phone and data security a key priority, you shouldn't look past the BlackBerry Motion for your next everyday smart phone.

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Turtle Beach Recon Camo Review

Turtle Beach is no stranger to headset releases, especially those tied to video game launches. Although not directly licenced, it was no coincidence that the Turtle Beach Recon Camo headset launched alongside Call of Duty: WWII! We've had this headset for a few weeks now, and have really been enjoying most aspects of it. Let's dive in, and you can see if it's the right fit for your needs and budget!

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