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TinyNinjas Board Game Review

So few games now-a-days can be taken out and about, played anywhere and everywhere, with little setup and almost no time commitment. Whether travelling on a train, flying through the skies, or simply sitting down with friends around a coffee shop table, having something you can pull out of a backpack or a purse, and play with friends is an extraordinary. Enter TinyNinjas, a card and dice game for two players that can be learned and played within 15 to 20 minutes! How does it hold up? Let's dive in!

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Pokemon Team Up Themed Decks

Each time we review a new expansion for The Pokemon Trading Card Game, the  Pokemon Company International is usually kind enough to send along a few Themed Decks for us to try. In the past, my son Logan and I have pitted the two themed decks against each other, and talked about the values and considerations for each. We did that again, so let's dive into our experiences!

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Pokemon Trading Card Game – Team Up Expansion Review

While fans of the Pokemon Trading Card Game continue to clamour for new cards and expansions, The Pokemon Company International continues to invest in the franchise and creates new and unique ways to play the game. It began with EX and GX cards, and has blossomed from there; with the latest expansion, the PTCG is now implementing dual Pokemon cards, or more appropriately, Tag-Team cards. Let's dive in!

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My Little Scythe Review

My Little Scythe is the kids friendly, less intense version of the popular board game Scythe, but Stonemaier Games. Will the original Scythe is a complicated, detail heavy board game experience meant for established and veteran board game players, the more basic My Little Scythe is a great way for young and old alike to enjoy the concepts established in Scythe, but in a more manageable, and much shorter, way. While I would argue this title is aimed at kids, can it possibly hold the attention of adults as well? Let's dive in!

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Viticulture: Visit from the Rhine Valley Expansion Review

Earlier in July we looked at how to play Viticulture and what we thought about the game, and this month we've been taking one of the games expansions for a spin, Visit from the Rhine Valley. While not a major expansion, Visit from the Rhine Valley gives players brand new summer and winter visitor cards to play with, which ultimately change up the game in major ways, while not swapping out too many components. Let's dive in!

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When I Dream Review

If you enjoy playing games like Apples to Apples, or party games in general, there is a (somewhat) new kid on the block who is sure to make your next large gathering incredibly enjoyable. Although When I Dream was originally released many years ago, the game has gone through a reprint, with brand new cards, artwork, and event extra goodies that make the package that much more enjoyable. But even though the game looks aesthetically pleasing, does it work well in a group setting? Let's dive into When I Dream, and see how it all works.

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Viticulture Essential Edition – Setup and How to Play

Ever wanted to drift away and own your own vineyard in Europe? Well that dream could be a reality should you choose to pick up Viticulture Essential Edition and being creating your own vineyard that will be the envy of all your neighbors. In Viticulture, players will build up there vineyards by growing grapes, crushing grapes and creating wine, and selling that wine for profit, all while performing other tasks and operating money making ventures. The person with the most victory points at the end of the game is the winner. Let's dive into the setup.

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Pokémon Sun and Moon: Forbidden Light Launches Today

The latest expansion for the Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon set of the Pokémon Trading Card Game launched today at retail. The new expansion builds off the Prism Star game mechanic introduced in the last expansion. Brand new Pokémon Tins, starter decks, and booster packs are available now, and we have a bunch to review!

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Growl Kickstarter Gaining Steam

In our new effort to bring the best Board Game news and reviews to our readers, we will be highlighting a few Kickstarter campaigns that we are looking forward to, and ones that we have backed! Today, our staff backed a copy of Growl - delivery date December 2018 - and are looking forward to reviewing it on the website. What is Growl? Take a look below!

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