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NAIRI: Tower of Shirin

Nairi just wants to find her parents, but she keeps running into so many other things she has to do first, like escape from a cat gang’s hideout for instance. Welcome to NAIRI: Tower of Shirin for the Nintendo Switch. This new adventure game has an interesting setup, but is it a good game? NAIRI: Tower of Shrini is an Adventure game but also an interactive story. The player does not see Nairi walking around, instead the story is told…

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LEGO DC Super Villain’s Aquaman DLC Level/Character Pack 1 Coming Soon

I enjoyed LEGO DC Super-Villains a lot when I reviewed it for So to say that I’m excited for the upcoming DLC is an understatement. The first level/character pack is coming next month! What’s it about? When can you download it? We have the details below! The Aquaman Movie Level/Character Pack 1 for LEGO DC Super-Villains is coming on December 4th!! I am so suprised to find myself saying that Aquaman movie looks amazing. I’ve never been a fan…

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The Technology Behind Online Casinos

While online casinos may appear to be extremely simple and easy-to-use, there’s actually a lot of technology that powers them. In fact, you’ll be surprised to find out just how much work is involved in running them. Thankfully, our pals over at, who review the casino sites for the UK market, know exactly how they work. Games Developers The first thing you should know is that online casinos, meaning the websites, don’t actually develop the games available on their…

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cozy wings feature

Cozy Wings Toy Review

Toy reviews are something we've been doing on for the last year or so, thanks to some great partnerships with some fantastic companies. We are at it again with a newer product that might not be a household name...yet. You've heard of the Snuggie - and perhaps you own one - so enter a similar product but exclusively for kids: Cozy Wings; and their tag line could not be more fitting. "Wrap Around! Flap Around! Nap Around!" Let's take a look!

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More Thoughts From Me #147: Solid Snake Is Dead Again

I love the Metal Gear Solid franchise. My favorite of the games is MGS2, but I do love Twin Snakes, Snake Eater, and MGS4 also. I never thought I’d get to play the fifth game in the series. I didn’t have a PS4 and didn’t think I’d get one. Of course, recently I got one! And the second game I ended getting was…Metal Gear Solid 5! Yep. I finally get to play this game. Its a very good game so…

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Can you Learn Gambling ?

With several players joining the internet gaming realm, there is a need to provide free and paid gaming lessons. A friendly match between two gamers or the free gameplay availed on the internet are some of the ways to avail these services. Once a gambler is equipped with gaming knowledge, they can then engage in real money gambling option in a best UK casinos. Table sets, card games, live casino sets, and real money slots are some of the play…

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Dissecting the Biggest Farming Simulator 19 Critiques – It’s A Slight Improvement

One of the biggest things I'm seeing when reading through Farming Simulator 19 reviews and articles is people complaining about three main things. First, that the game is boring at times. Second, that the game is too repetitive. And third, that the game isn't enough of a leap over Farming Simulator 17 to justify the price and a brand new title. We will dissect all of these claims, but I want to touch on the third issue here: should Focus Home Entertainment and GIANTS Software be criticized for providing a slightly improved experience over FS17, rather than ...

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Will we see more online weed games ?

As marijuana becomes legal recreationally in more and more countries around the world, the culture around weed will begin to change as well. What was once seens a Class-1 drug in most countries, alongside heavier addictive substances like heroin or cocaine, is now being declassified and made readily available for consumers of a certain age. In fact, the Province of Ontario within Canada is selling marijuana products online to residents of the Province. Yes, you heard that correctly: the Ontario…

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The Evolution of Online Gaming

Technology has been the driving force of online gaming since the industry was formed. Over the last two decades, online gaming has changed with technological advancements. In the last ten, multi-player games have become a core focus of the industry. There used to be a time when the only way you could play with someone else is through consoles. Today, you can game with friends from all over the world. Gaming has become part of the popular culture and almost…

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Overview Trailer feat. The Announcer

Are you ready for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?! The game will soon be in your hands. Check out this new overview trailer to make the wait even more impossible! Super Smash Bros Ultimate comes to the Nintendo Switch on December 7th! Are you ready?!…

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