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ESports betting: Make real money in fantasy gaming

With gamers now able to wager real money and cash in real-time, eSports gaming industry keeps getting better every day. It is no longer about whether it is regulated or not because everyone wants to try their luck. However, many do not know how to wager on selected sporting tournaments but also lack knowledge about the best sportsbooks for eSports betting.  And if that were not the case, you are not going to sign up for playtime with the intention…

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Beyond Good and Evil 2 concept1

Beyond Good and Evil 2 Project Update!

Today, the dev team behind Beyond Good and Evil 2 revealed brand-new gameplay and a full project update via their Space Monkey Report #4 Live Stream. Included in this update were Augments, Vehicles, Co-Op and more! Now, as is always the case when fans are made to wait over a decade for the second game of a series, there will surely be some mixed feelings and criticisms that might feel overly harsh. With that being said I am still very excited for the opportunity to dive deeper into the Beyond Good and Evil universe, and I hope many of you are as well! 

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Pokémon Power Action Pikachu

It's Pokémon month here at Not only do we have a review of Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu, but we are also looking at a number of great new toys from the great people at Wicked Cool Toys, who sent over the latest Pokémon toys that will be hitting store shelves in time for the holiday season. While we plan to look at the Pokémon Battle Packs next week, right now we are looking at the cuddly and enjoyable Power Action Pikachu toy! Let's dive in!

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How to Be the First in the Line for New Games with a VPN

Gaming has become a lifestyle, especially after modern technology provided us with various gadgets and equipment. Modern games have evolved to a point where they require some helpful software to improve your gaming experience. If you want to play new games first, or you are tired of geo-blocking, malicious attacks, and other threats, you should use a Virtual Private Network. Benefits of using a VPN for gaming The primary function of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is to hide your…

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Where Can You Even Start When It Comes To Gaming?

For a lot of us, gaming has been such a big part of our lives for such a long time that just about everything about it seems all too familiar. After all, if you’ve been a part of this community since you were a kid then a lot of things about it are just going to feel like second nature. But what about those who didn’t grow up gaming? What about those who have only just found their way to…

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Carcassonne for Nintendo Switch

I haven’t played many board games in my life. I’ve always been more of a video game fan. That said, board games brought to the video game realm do interest me. I remember my dad playing Carcassonne on the Xbox 360 and thinking that it looked neat. When I heard it was coming out for the Switch, I decided I wanted to review it. Now I’ve played the game and I can give you my opinion of it. Is Carcassonne…

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5 Best Budget Gaming Chair

As a gaming enthusiast, finding an appropriate chair is not debatable. You will be protecting your neck and spine from the pain and strain associated with sitting for long hours in one position. The extra comfort offered will give you a chance to enjoy the process. Even so, it is vital to save on costs by going for affordable yet quality products. The top 5 budget chairs are: Secretlab Omega 2018 The product is good for gamers who need: Comfort…

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More Thoughts From Me Special Edition: Those Game Awards

The hype seemed real. I was sucked in. I said I wouldn’t watch The Game Awards. I did anyway. So what did I think of it? What were the best reveals? Who should’ve won Game of the Year? Here are my thoughts on The Game Awards 2018! The Game Awards 2018 was…ok. It wasn’t the most awful game related thing I’ve ever watched. In fact, there were previous years of The Game Awards that were far worse. But. The Game…

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Beholder: Complete Edition

Usually Sim games are fun, laid back experiences but…what if there was a sim where you lived a life that wasn’t fun or laid back? Instead, you are an apartment manager in a communist country where everyone is looking over their shoulder and has no idea who to trust. As the manager, you move people into the building, move them out, help them, turn them in, or blackmail them. The choice is up to you. Welcome to Beholder: Complete Edition…

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The Game Awards Airs Tomorrow (12/6)

The Game Awards will air tomorrow (12/6) at 5:30 PT on YouTube & Twitch! Not only will awards be given out to some of the biggest games this year, but new games will get revealed! And games we know about will get new trailers! Are you excited for The Game Awards? I don’t plan to watch The Game Awards live. I’ve tried that before and most of the time I’m bored. I will most likely check out the video on…

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