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How to Read a Game Review

There's always a lot of discussion when a review doesn't fit the chosen narrative of a game's hype. Even when it's pretty much spot on, fans of a given franchise will question why it didn't score higher when it's their very favourite new game, better than Grand Theft Auto V by miles "and look at what you gave that!" There's no talking to people who've decided their very own score based on a twenty second teaser trailer, but a worse kind of reader has appeared - ...

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Old Enemy Returning for Metal Gear Solid V

Square Enix have spilled the beans on a so far secret character in Metal Gear Solid V. The Final Fantasy creators, who are doing the play-art figures for The Phantom Pain, accidentally left a little too much detail on one of the statues, allowing for a clear glance at who we'll be facing in the upcoming stealth shooter. Warning: this is definitely a big spoiler, although one that's been hinted at in the past, so if you want your first run of Snake's latest to ...

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Square Enix Announce Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Pre-order Incentive

Square Enix have today announced what you'll get if you pre-order Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX for the PS3. While stocks last, every pre-order will be upgraded to the limited edition, which contains a unique and "extremely rare" Disney pin badge featuring Sora and Mickey Mouse.

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Uncharted Movie Dated for June 10th 2016

Very little has been said about the Uncharted film, nothing good anyway. The rights were sold years ago and a lot of people have been attached to the project, although nothing seems to have ever come of it. Obviously Sony are still working on it behind the scenes though, because they today announced a release date for the film.

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UK Consumers Paying More for Gadgets… Even Excluding Tax

Thinking of buying a PlayStation 4 or an Xbox One this year? If you happen to be living in the UK, there's a good chance that you're going to get ripped off. It's almost certain that you'll end up paying upwards of £57 more than you would if you bought the console in the United States, and that's before you add tax.

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Petition Started to Bring Metal Gear Solid HD Collection to PC

Hundreds of dedicated Metal Gear Solid fans have signed a petition to bring the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection to PC. People around the world are adding their name to the list hoping to bring some of the most celebrated narrative franchises to Steam.

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The Phantom Pain Release Date Leaked?

Once they'd calmed down from the drama that was Ground Zeroes and its status as a glorified demo, fans of the Metal Gear Solid franchise were hungry for more. Unfortunately, a release date for The Phantom Pain hasn't been announced - until today. An article by The Guardian accidentally spilled the beans on exactly when you might be able to get your hands on Big Boss's next adventure, but they were incredibly quick to remove the reference.

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Russian TV News Use MGS V Image for piece on Child Soldiers

A Russian TV news channel has earlier this week used a series of images from Metal Gear Solid V in a conversation on child soldiers. Sophie Shevardnadze and the Russia Today network ran the images as part of an interview with child soldiers, seemingly unaware that they're computer generated.

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Square Enix Send Cease and Desist to Type-0 Fan Translators

Well, it wasn't hard to see this one coming. Square Enix, after announcing that they'll be bringing Final Fantasy Type-0 westward via the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, have decided to shut down the fan translation of the original game that has been going on for some time and was incredibly near completion. The question isn't why they've done it, but how on earth Square Enix didn't contact them six months ago when the official project began.

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Mass Effect 4 Survey has received “Overwhelming Response”

After the fanbase-splitting ending to Mass Effect 3, a survey concerning the future of the franchise was always going to bring out people who wanted their opinions heard. While it's hard to envy the guy that has to go through it all over the coming months, one thing is certain: there have been an awful lot of responses.

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