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World Of Grinding – A world Of Warcraft Tale


World of Warcraft is an MMORPG that has managed amazingly to stay relevant for over a decade. This means that over the years it has accumulated a huge player base. Some have quit, new players arrived and many have restarted over and over again, but one thing is for sure, all of them in some way have spent real time playing this game. The reasoning is simple, it makes people feel great and entertained and better yet it makes it personal.

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So it should come at no surprise that many take it seriously. Recently with the rise of E-Sports it has even taken the highlight as a highly skillful and competitive sport as well.

Several Ways Of Gold Grinding

Since the game is huge and has a large player base as previously stated, it has also cultivated an economy over the years. Players constantly buying and selling items they need. “Need” is the key word here, because when WoW gets personal it can get as needy as in real life. As such, people sometimes spend large amounts of time in order to succeed and prevail as much as possible. This often times means endless hours of grinding for a specific item, quest or World Of Warcraft Gold. Some hard to get items are expensive and are highly sought after and paid for in the game while others not so much. Players over the years have found very ingenious ways in how to get maximum effectiveness from their time spent inside the game. This means inventing new ways of grinding what they need. Here we will discuss some of those techniques.

  • Crafting Skills & Materials

If you are in the game to make gold, you definitely need to maximize your crafting skills. The more the better. The way you can grind out gold like this is by either crafting Items which usually take tedious amounts of time for players to do it on their own or give them materials which are most needed. Usually its best to go after items which are hard to get and regulate a constant supply of it. Mining supplies for example have always been prevalent on the auction house and that won’t change anytime soon.

  • Auction House

World Of Warcraft has the same Structure as a real economy. If you know how to play the market, you will make big bucks, or in this case, gold. By grinding mobs which are rare and have a good drop rate for items that are actually needed by players, either for their skills, professions or even cosmetic, the need is real and players will pay for what you have listed. Sometimes you will lose money on bad bets, but most of the time and over the years with experience you will learn how to play the market well and get that gold flowing. This has more to do with knowing what people want than what people need.

  • Rare Is Expensive

Knowing which routes certain rare mobs spawn or grinding certain areas for a low drop rate of an item constantly will give you a great chance to acquire some very specific and highly sought after items. If it’s hard to get it, it’s expensive. Farming such specific zones or even raiding some dungeons or instances that have mobs with either rare weapons, materials for crafting or anything that the player base needs will make sure you get your gold flowing immediately.

  • Techniques

Highly skilled farmers don’t just mindlessly grind random zones. They plan out which mobs have the best drops, what percentage is at stake and how to switch in between zones to make the most out of it. This is skill as much as it is being prepared by planning out everything you need to do before starting.

Why Grinding Is Hard

Having to sit on a chair and work on your computer for more than 8 hours a day is no easy task, as will any desk job worker attest. Now see that through the eyes of some grinders which have gone on for more than 16+ Hours at a time to meet their gold aspirations. World Of Warcraft can have great Benefits for the players, but meeting that critical event which drops specific loot while following the well laid out paths beforehand in zones which are far in between can become troublesome and without good planning it is torturous to say the least. If grinding was easy, everybody in World Of Warcraft would be overflowing with gold and buying the latest and greatest, but that simply is not the case. It takes a great level of skill and commitment to achieve high end results, as is true with everything else.


No matter the reasoning behind it, World Of Warcraft can be a highly entertaining and even addictive game. Making it personal is often the case when playing, which gives everything that was said above meaning just as much as with anything else or any other profession. So it should come to no surprise that there are people who need great amounts of in-game currency to fulfil their needs.


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