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The Game Awards Airs Tomorrow (12/6)

The Game Awards will air tomorrow (12/6) at 5:30 PT on YouTube & Twitch! Not only will awards be given out to some of the biggest games this year, but new games will get revealed! And games we know about will get new trailers! Are you excited for The Game Awards?

I don’t plan to watch The Game Awards live. I’ve tried that before and most of the time I’m bored. I will most likely check out the video on YouTube after the event is over. Though I suppose if I hear about something ultra cool being shown I’ll tune in or maybe I’ll just tune in anyway if I’m bored.

We do know that Far Cry 5 will get announced with a new trailer. Nintendo will probably show something because they tweeted about The Game Awards. Many are guessing we’ll see Metroid Prime 4! You never know! As for what else we’ll see, well, I’m hoping there will be news about the Dream Beta.

What do you hope to see at The Game Awards? Will you be watching it live?

You can check out the YouTube stream here tomorrow.



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