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Pokémon Battle Packs from Wicked Cool Toys Make a Great Gift

If you’ve ever watched the Pokémon anime television show, whether the original or the newer series’, than you’ve probably wanted to fight alongside ash yourself, with your own Pokemon by your side, whether inside Pokéballs or not. Enter the newest Pokémon toys from Wicked Cool Toys: Pokémon Battle Packs. These great sets feature a number of popular Pokémon and are great for displaying or playing? Let’s dive in!

The Pokémon Battle Packs feature a number of current and popular Pokémon from across the anime franchise, including the fan favourite Pikachu. These figures come in 4 sizes: 2″, 3″, 4.5″, and the mega 12″ figures. There are obvious size irregularities when you compare the 12″ figures to the 2, 3 and 4.5″ figures, but with a child’s imagination this never becomes a problem.

The smaller sizes range in price from $6.99 to $12.99 USD, while the larger figures retail at $19.99. All are well built and look exactly like their counterparts in the various Pokémon games and in the anime, with the exception of the Ash figure – packaged with Pikachu – which for whatever reason doesn’t look quite right. While noticeable to me, neither of my kids batted an eye at the design and look irregularities between the actual character in the games and shows, and the character they were playing with. Therefore, I’d argue, this really is a minor point, barely worth mentioning unless you purchased these to put on display.

Pokémon 12 Inch Legendary Figures NecrozmaThe detail on the figures is phenomenal, although I’d say Lapras might be my favourite in the bunch we received. It’s nice and chunky, and feels good to hold and move around the play area. So often these plastic figures are hollow on the inside, but Lapras has some nice weight, and even some detachable pieces that allow for further game time fun.

Not to be outdone, the detail on Decidueye is fantastic as well. The large owl bird pulls back magnificently on his bow, with an arrow cocked ready to be shot. It looked so great in the box, I almost didn’t want to hand it over to my kids to play with!

While the figures lack in depth passable arms and legs, they still play really well together, and will mesh well with your other Pokémon toys, regardless if they came from Wicked Cool Toys or not. This is huge for anyone looking to add to their collection, because so often we might see different companies represnt a product in very different ways. Wicked Cool Toys has stayed the course with the design that I’d assume The Pokémon Company International laid out for them, and did a brilliant job.

For the Pokémon fan on your list this year, the Battle Packs make great display items, and fantastic toys for kids. Whether in the living room or even in the bath, these figures will definitely get a lot of love over the holiday season!


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