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PlayStation descends on PDP’s Pixel Pals

We’ve had lots of Nintendo figures, Master Chief to represent the Microsoft interests, and tons of figures that represent multiplatform gaming and comic book fandom, but one company has yet to come to the table for a Pixel Pal release. That all ends soon, with the launch of the God of War: Kratos figure, and the Ratchet and Clank: Ratchet figure. PlayStation has descended on the Pixel Pals lineup, and I could not be happier. With so many great franchises coming out of Sony’s numerous studios, the possibilities for licenced Pixel Pals from Performance Design Products is almost endless.

While the Kratos figure was a little bland for me, it was an instant favorite of one of my Twitter followers, who jumped all over that one like peanut butter on bread. His reaction to a figure I wasn’t crazy about reminded me why Pixel Pals from PDP are so popular: everyone wants someone, so regardless of how many of the figures you want, there are people that do want them. This is what has pushed PDP to release such a wide variety of figures, ranging from Mario and Nintendo, to DC and Street Fighter, to Sony!

I definitely have a preference for Pixel Pals with a fair amount of colour. While I love all the Pixel Pals I own – even the Dragonborn Skyrim figure which might be the most ‘bland’ – the colourful ones ultimately become my favorites in the collection. Of all the Sony characters I would want, Ratchet might be right up there near the top. All of the Ratchet games have a fair amount of charm to them, and although they aren’t all good, they are still enjoyable. Having a figure to remember those gaming memories is pretty awesome, in my opinion.

The Ratchet and Kratos Pixel Pal is available at local retailers, and online at!

What could be next for PDP and Sony? I would love to see an Uncharted lineup of figures with the likes of Nadia, Nathan, Sully, and the rest of the crew. Knack would also be a great addition to the Pixel Pal lineup, as his colourful nature would fit right in with my preferred preference. Whatever PDP decides to do, however, it will be fantastic. Everything they touch in this lineup seems to become pure gold, with many of the figures selling out before I even get a shot at buying them!

Seen a Sonic figure anyone? I can’t find one anywhere!


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