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New Far Cry 5 Trailer: The Resistance

Far Cry 5 is Ubisoft’s next highly anticipated title in the Far Cry series, and this time around, the developers are tagging America as its playground for some crazy, over the top mayhem. The early looks and videos of Far Cry have been spectacular, detailing a bit of the back story – a religious cult attempting to take over America – as well as some of the gameplay, which surprisingly includes fishing. Today, Ubisoft released yet another trailer for the game title, “The Resistance.”

The trailer voice over highlights numerous things you’ll be doing in Far Cry 5, and most of them will feel very familiar.

You want to get out of here alive? Gotta make them feel the pressure. Sabotage their plans. Destroy their convoys and their guard stations… …The more you help liberate a region, the more the resistance meter will fill up. And the more resistance means more people who fight by your side.

Far Cry 5 will be available on March 27th, 2018! For more on this title, follow me on Twitter!



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