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Modern Warfare Remastered Worth Every Penny

I’m not a huge fan of the Call of Duty series, as I feel it has slowly gone downhill since the early days of the Xbox 360 launches. There was one major blip of awesomeness, however, and that was Modern Warfare Remastered. When it was announced that it would be packed in with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Activision took a look of heat; however, I’d argue you are paying the price for the remastered Modern Warfare, and getting Infinite Warfare as a bonus. Thankfully, both are great titles.

If you played through the Modern Warfare campaign, you will remember that Activision took the series in a direction that few other realistic FPS titles were not going. They were tackling the modern war, the war that is still currently raging in the middle east. While some billed this title as “too soon” I really believe it captures what is interesting people today. At the end of the day, isn’t that what these companies should be doing?

However, picking up Modern Warfare remastered was not about getting my hands on the campaign, but rather the access to outstanding multiplayer that made the original game last so long. With tons of maps to choose from – and more being added on what seems like a monthly basis – Activision is drawing people back into the game that really pushed the multiplayer COD experience to a new level.

Activision took a lot of heat leading into the release of Infinite Warfare, and while that that is fantastic all on its own, it’s not the gem in this package. Thankfully, gamers seem to be happy with the package they are getting, and the “we want the title as a standalone purchase” has died down enough. Listen folks, the developers put a lot of work into bringing Modern Warfare to the Xbox One and PS4 systems, and that costs money. Be happy you will be getting two COD games in one, instead of having to make two separate purchases.

If you are a true COD fan, you should be playing both anyways.


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