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5 Best Budget Gaming Chair

As a gaming enthusiast, finding an appropriate chair is not debatable. You will be protecting your neck and spine from the pain and strain associated with sitting for long hours in one position. The extra comfort offered will give you a chance to enjoy the process. Even so, it is vital to save on costs by going for affordable yet quality products.

The top 5 budget chairs are:

Secretlab Omega 2018

The product is good for gamers who need:

  • Comfort

If you are looking for a product that comes with all the accessories that you need for comfort, this is the chair for you. You are offered two soft pillows to protect your neck and spine from injuries. The cold-cured foam used creates a desirable firmness for a gamer. You can keep an ideal posture and at the same time remain relaxed enough to get all the high scores. The concave armrests and tall backrests allow you to rest during the tensed moments of the game. The reclining function makes it even better because you can take any angle without strains. Not to forget, lumbar pillows are curved in such a way that your lower back is fully supported. The head pillow has a band to secure it on the chair to ascertain that you rest without worries.

  • Durability

The PU leather is used to make the product and as such, it will last for ages. It is stain and water resistant. You are offered a chance to benefit from having a piece of real leather in your home without necessarily going through the downside of it such as overheating.

  • An Illusion of Size

The gamers yearning to have a feeling of size and comfort will appreciate the gaming chair. It is designed in such a way that it feels taller and wider than most chairs in the market.

  • Warranty

You are given a warrant of two years within which you can get repairs and replacements. The manufacturers are confident that the quality is superb.

With the features offered in this gaming chair, anyone will want to take the product home. The best thing is that you can do this under 300 US dollars.

Merax High Back Gaming Chair

Whereas the brand is not widely known, the manufacturers have considered every aspect to pass the mark of quality. Here are some of the features that make the product worthwhile the purchase:

  • Ergonomic Design

Any gamer who spends a lot of time in one position will complain of back and neck complications if they do not invest in an ergonomically designed product. This is offered by Merax. You will maintain a perfect position throughout the long gaming hours because body-hugging backrest is provided. The lumbar and head cushions are featured to offer further support and comfort.

  • Suitability for Tall and Weighty Gamers

The height and weight of a gamer can sometimes serve as a disadvantage. Specially, their head may remain unsupported, making the gaming experience tiresome and cumbersome. To solve this, Merax’s chair is 33 inches high. It can support gamers who weigh approximately 300 pounds.

  • Flexibility

The reclining function in the product allows you to game in style. It reclines from 90 to 180 degrees.

  • Perfect Material

PU leather is used to create the chair. Besides the fact that it is easy to clean, it is also likely to absorb all the sweats and spills

  • Ideal Color

The chair comes in black and blue color, adding a touch of class to your space.

It is clear that Merax gaming chair designers consider most of the aspects that you require as a gamer. All this is attained at a price of 100-120 US dollars.

Arronzi Vernazza

If you are a client seeking for an affordable racing gaming chair, this is the product for you. As you will find out at, it features:

  • 3D Armrests

The adjustable armrests allow you to take a good elbow position when gaming. They cannot be locked, which further eliminates the need to drag the chair using the armrests when you want to move it.

  • Lumbar Support

The feature is incorporated to offer you optimum comfort in gaming. Unlike other products in the market, the supports are integrated in the backrest. You will get more back support this way.

  • PU Leather Material

Getting value for money is very consumer’s desire. Instead of going for materials that wear and tear after a few months, why not go for leather? You will not have to worry about the hot weather because the material does not get overheated.

  • The Design Appeals to Your Eyes

The product resembles the seats featured in stylish cars. You also have a range of colors to choose from. It is hence suitable for your sophisticated home or office.

This product will by every means suit a gamer in need of meeting their basic gaming seating requirements. The price offered is below 300 US dollars, making it affordable for a majority of consumers.

Furmax Gaming Chair

The low price of below 200 US dollars of this gaming chair can cause confusion to the consumers. Will they be purchasing a poorly designed product that breaks down after a few months? Well, don’t get confused. Here are the features that will help you decide:

  • Remarkable Quality of Leather

The long lasting material allows you to maintain the product in perfect condition for as long as you wish. It is coupled with a thick sponge to ensure that you are comfortable as you sit for hours unending.

  • Adjustable Lumbar Support

You are at liberty to adjust the freely offered lumbar cushion for maximum comfort.

  • Swivel and Reclining Features

With the 360 degree swivel, the chair can be rocked back and forth. You could also choose the 90-180 degrees backward movement just to have a happy feeling during gaming experiences. Reclining to a position of choice is not constrained.

  • It Is Multifunctional

If you want to save on costs and space, you can purchase the chair and use it in your office and gaming. In any case, most of the gamers use the same space for their office. It is presentable enough for your corporate friends.

  • Padded Armrests

You don’t have to worry about elbow pains because the armrests are padded with a soft material. It also gives you a chance to choose between different arm positions.

  • Weight and Height Considerations

If you are below 280 pounds, you can use this chair without worry. Tests and trials have been conducted to ascertain that your needs are considered. You can adjust the height to get a great gaming position and comfort.

  • Ease of Movement

The wheels are designed in such a way that they move on your floor without leaving scratches or making undesirable noises.

From the descriptions above, it is certain that you will never go wrong by buying the black Furmax chair for your office or gaming functions.

X Rocker Gaming Chair

There is nothing wrong with having a little more fun in gaming. After all, this is what the activity is all about. You can go for a product that has inbuilt speakers with volume and bass controls yet affordable. X-rocker gaming chair will offer these and other benefits such as:

  • Ergonomic Design

You will enjoy using this chair because you can sit comfortably for hours. Its design conforms to your body, giving you maximum back support.

  • Features A Rocking Function

The Ace Bayou X rocker chair does not feature the wheels or pedestal but instead sits on the floor, allowing you to rock back and forth, get entertained, and make all the necessary gaming moves.

  • Supports Heavy Weights

A gamer weighing approximately 250 pounds will be supported after buying this chair.

  • It Is Made Of Durable Material

The black gaming chair is made of leather, which ensures that you get value for your money. The structure features steel. It is sturdy enough to withstand the pressure associated with back and forth movements of a gamer.

  • Comfort Is Guaranteed

Foam is used to ensure that the seating area and backrest are comfortable for the user. It is also oversized to offer extra comfort for all users.

A majority of the consumers are thrilled by the entertainment that they get from the X rocker gaming chair. The high quality sound from the subwoofer positioned at the back and connection to home theaters and play station are outstanding. However, the manufactures are wise enough to include other features that help you to enjoy the experience and at the same time get maximum support. For a product with such features, paying below 150 US dollars is reasonable.

You have no reason not to purchase a gaming chair because incredible and affordable designs are available in the market. Just compare the prices and contrast them against your needs to make the right decisions. Getting professional advice will not hurt as well.


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