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The Perfect Casinos to Play Newly Released Slot Games

When it comes to online gambling, most gamblers prefer to play online slot games. There are various factors behind this including highly favourable odds, numerous promotional offers offered at online casinos where one accesses slot games and also the availability of newly released slot games. While every online casino that pops up on Google search will state that it has a lobby full of newly released slot games, it’s not all casinos that offer the same playing experience for the gamer.

Some of these casinos are fake and as such offer pirated games. In order to protect yourself and also to play joker’s jewels and other newly released slot games at genuine online casinos, the player has to look for the following before deciding on the online casino that he is going to play at.

Wide Array of Payment Methods

When it comes on online casinos, it’s important that the player checks to see just how many payments methods are accepted. On many occasions, when the player sees that his preferred payment method is accepted, he no longer thinks of checking if there are other payment methods that are accepted. The reason why it’s important to check for payment methods is that when it comes to some payment providers such as PayPal, they only work with reputable businesses. As such, if there are a wide array of payment methods accepted at a particular online casino, it means that the casino is highly likely to be a reputable and genuine online casino from which to access newly released slot games. Players need not only look at payment methods that facilitate payments in conventional currency but they also need to look at payment methods that facilitate payments in digital currencies. For those who are not knowledgeable on digital currencies, you can read more about bitcoins on bitcasino blog.

Security Certificates

To avoid settling for an online casino that offers fake pirated games (including newly released slot games), it’s important that the player checks the security information of the casino. There are a number of ways in which a gamer can check for the security information of an online casino. Firstly, there is the longer route but also the safest. This long route entails that the player checks with gambling commissions to see if the online casino the player intends to play at is registered. Unfortunately, checking with gambling commissions takes time and for the average gamer, this may be too long a process to go through. As such, most gamers opt for the shorter route i.e. checking if the online casino the player intends to play at has licensing information on its website. Licensing information on most online casino websites is found at the footer of the homepage. While the norm is that only those online casinos that actually do hold genuine operating licenses do present their licensing information, there are also some unscrupulous casino operators that present fake licensing information.

Wide (Positive) Coverage on Most Casino Review Sites

One of the proven ways to decipher a genuine online casino from a fake one is through checking the ratings and reviews of online casinos at casino review sites. Genuine online casinos will have a strong presence at most casino review sites and they will also have positive ratings. Fake online casinos will, however, try by all means to hide their presence at casino review sites and in the case that they are covered, they will have mostly mixed reviews and ratings (fake positive reviews from fake or hired reviewers and genuine negative reviews from genuine players dismayed by the service they got). Over and above, if an online casino can satisfy all these factors, then it’s safe to say that it is the perfect casino to access and play newly released slot games from.


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