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TerraSect RC Car Review

TerraSect RC Car

TerraSect 1
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Radio controlled cars and toys have been popular holiday gifts for decades now, and while some enjoy a different car year after year, others are looking for something a little bit different. Enter the TerraSect RC car, the latest RC car with a slight twist that makes it unique in a saturated RC car marketplace. Want something that does more than moves forward and back, left and right? Then the TerraSect is for you. Let’s take a look!

TerraSect 1
The TerraSect RC Car is built up hard plastic and rubber wheels, and is put together in three pieces: a head, body, and tail. Two wheels in the front allow the device to move forward with ease, while a single wheel in the back controls the left and right movements. After some use, you might notice your car no longer drives straight; thankfully the development team built in a system that will allow you to realign the wheels, and continue playing as intended.
But the TerraSect isn’t just an RC car. It can also roll around. Once you’ve created some momentum, users can press a button the left shoulder of the RC handheld device and the three parts of the TerraSect will curl up into a ball and the ‘creature’ will begin to roll. Pressing the button a second time will return the car to it’s former position, allowing the user to continue driving it forward with ease. The seamless transition from driving to rolling makes this a fantastic toy with plenty of potential. Here are a few ways we tested out this great feature!
TerraSect 3
Bowling with RC Cars
We headed out to a local dollar store in the area and picked up a bundle of plastic bowling pins. We set them up across the room and placed a piece of tape on the ground a few feet away from the pins and designated this the “transformation” line. As our rules stated, competitors had to have the car in it’s rolled form prior to hitting this line if they wanted to score points. And the rest worked like bowling. The curled up TerraSect would ram into the pins, making them fall down, scoring points for the player. The most points after a set number of rounds was deemed the winner. This was ultimately great fun for all!
Ramps and Tunnels
Using some items lying around the house, my two kids were able to create a serious of obstacles for the TerraSect to maneuver through, including hills that they would roll down, followed by low bars that would require them to quickly get back into car form to zoom underneath. They spent hours doing this, and ultimately were only limited by their own imaginations, which is a great thing to say about any toy!
TerraSect 2
One of the best features of the car is the sturdy build. As you can imagine, a nine year old and four year old aren’t the most careful individuals in the world, and the TerraSect was subject to numerous abuses likely not intended for the toy, including having it driven off couches, falling of ramps, and much, much more. Thanks to the sturdy build of the device, outside of some scratches and light dents, the toy operates as it should, which is a good indication of the build quality.
Another great feature is that you’ll never get the car stuck. Even if you manage to flip it upside down, you can easily press the curl button to get it back onto it’s wheels, and zooming down the hallway or sidewalk!
My kids did note that the car wasn’t as fast as other cars in their collections, and they also thought the toy could be enhanced with more eye colour options and perhaps a few sounds. Regardless, in the 48 hours we’ve had the toy, they’ve easily spent more than 6 playing exclusively with it. And that time isn’t likely to stop, at least not any time soon!


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