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Return Of The Obra Dinn Preview

How is the question of this puzzle game?  If you are an avid reader of fictional crime novel then this game will definitely be what you are looking for. The Return of the Obra Dinn was released in October by Microsoft and macOS.  It was developed by Lucas Pope. Even if you love playing casino games online, we are sure you would love to play this one.

Most casino gamers, including those who love free slots games, have stated how the Return of the Obra Dinn is worth a shot.  You can spend hours on online casinos, but it’s one game you need to try out nevertheless.

All About the Game

A game which is a great tool for an insurance claim, it is set in a fictional ship in 1802 known as Obra Dinn. The ship set out from London to the Orient carrying 200 tonnes of trade goods.

However six months in its journey the ship had not arrived at Cape of Good Hope. On October 14 the ship washed up into port at Falmouth with none of the sixty crew members alive.

The player is an insurance investigator from the East India Office to prepare an assessment of what happened to the crew members. This means the player has to figure out how they were killed and who their killer is.

The player has to study vague crime scenes and fill in the gaps. It is a first player mystery adventure which is based on exploration and investigation.

One of the hardest puzzles is the log. It contains a list of names, nationalities, professions, a plan for the ship and a sketch of crew members dancing. Since the ship arrived at the port with dismembered human bodies it is up to you to figure out how to connect the names to the bodies. And the worst part is that the bodies have no faces.

The player is equipped with a magic watch “Moments Mortem”  which gives you a chance to relive moments of death. If this is what insurance companies give their investigators before giving out the claim then it is absolutely amazing.

The magic watch shows the player a man being stabbed. The flashbacks always begin with an audio snippet before the death of a crew member. Thus the player is given a few seconds to explore the scene of the crime and discover who was around before the person was stabbed.

The logbook automatically enters the details of the event that have happened at that moment. This includes the identity of the crew members who were present and the dialogue which was happening at the time.

On some occasions, the Momento Mortem guides the player to another related death.  The player will have to observe every clue because some parts of the ship are only accessible until all the death moments have been observed. This will require the player to make guesses because the clues are not obvious.

However, as the player continues to gather more information then their guesses become a bit more refined. If they are able to correctly identify the cause of the deaths of three crew members then the game is able to affirm the information. It is then locked away making the game a bit easier.

Since the game was released it has received some positive reviews. So far it has an aggregate rating of 91/100.


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