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New Premium Drones Feature Integrated HD Cameras with 2-Axis Image Stabilization at An Astonishing Price

We love our hardware and gadgets at, and although they don’t dominate our web space, we know based on hits that people really enjoy them. So, why not cover a new drone, right? The Phoenix HD and Phoenix HD Pro S are hitting the market soon at the astonishing price of 179.99 and 229.99 respectably. If you are familiar with what drones can cost, you’d say this is the average, run-of-the-mill pricing for a drone with a camera. Once you unpack the details, however, you begin to see the value even before the product makes it to your home!


We have reached out to Zoopa and Snakebyte USA to request a review unit of the Phoenix HD Pro S and will update this article accordingly should we have the opportunity to review!

Both of these Pheonix drones will come equipment, out of the box, with HD cameras; the HD will produce video and images at 720P, while the additional 50$ investment will net you 1080P quality shots. For the casual drone and picture/video fan, the regular HD version will probably be suffice, but those using these drones for commercial purposes are likely to opt for the 229.99 version. On board wifi means that regardless of which model you choose to purchase, you will be able to see your videos/photos directly on your smart phone, a great accessibility feature not found in all drones on the market.

Here is what Nick Repenning, CEO for Snakebyte USA had to say about his companies upcoming product:

We continue to see the appetite for drones continue to grow with consumers, who demand greater features and better value. The Phoenix HD has been designed to leapfrog the competition and deliver an incredible feature set at a uniquely competitive price. Ideal for beginner and expert alike, the Phoenix pushes the boundaries of design and performance, and we believe will be instrumental with cementing the brand as a leader in this rapidly evolving market.


We are always excited about drone technology at, and are excited to see what people think of this latest package from Zoopa and Snakebyte USA!



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