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Why FIFA 18 is the Best Version Yet

With the release of each new edition of FIFA comes a year’s’ worth of feedback and suggestions from diehard fans. The great thing about FIFA 18 is that those suggestions have been listened to and implemented. FIFA 18 is a drastic improvement on FIFA 17 and those who have clocked a significant amount of playing time already will agree. Of course, improvements can always be made, but here’s why FIFA 18 is the best version yet.


Touch-Sensitive Dribbling

Remember last year, when every player dribbled in the exact same way and it left the game lacking and the player’s individuality was lost? Well, this year, that’s drastically improved. Now it’s easier to tell the difference between players who are dribbling, and dribble tactics are far smoother. This means that spaces open up during the game, giving the player the advantage of using real-life skills via gaming. You’ll no longer have to suffer with the frustration of being held back and the skills you know real-life players have are more prominent in the game. No more shouting at the screen in a blind rage!

Artificial Intelligence

The frustrating thing about playing a bad game is that it feels like a game. FIFA 18 has turned this game into more of an experience. Where as before support players would lag behind you while you were in possession of the ball, now players seem to use more intelligence, offering support by positioning themselves in the best places. You no longer have to look at the field and view midfielders and defenders standing around wherever they please; now the game is geared towards providing you with the best opportunities. You get the same sort of experience that would watching a real-life match, from seeing your favorite players make a shot to using to bet on who wins.

Satisfying Tackling

There’s a certain kind of satisfaction you can get from tackling your opponent, whether you’re playing in real-life or a game. Although you could tackle well with FIFA 17, the updated addition allows you to do more. Try holding down stand tackle and running towards the passer. The kind of tackle that results, somewhere between a standing and sliding tackle, will be the most satisfying tackle of your FIFA career.


Fluid Movement

It was one thing to create characters like Ronaldo and attempt to mimic their skills and body movements, but it’s another to get the real-life players to play while they’re hooked up to sensory machines. With this new and vital information, FIFA 18 is more realistic than ever. Now, when you’re running next to Ronaldo as a player, it really feels like you’re running next to Ronaldo. All of the little quirks that the biggest players have, have been recorded and implemented into the game. That means that the biggest fans won’t be able to spot discrepancies in the development of the players characters.

The only question that remains unanswered for fans is, what can FIFA 19 possibly bring to the table?


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