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Disney World: Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom

On a recent trip to the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World – courtesy of Disney Canada PR – my son and I traveled from area-to-area with one immediate purpose: to rid the Magic Kingdom of evil by playing the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom game. If you enjoy Disney and card collecting, Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom is something you really want to be aware of before heading on your Walt Disney World Vacation. Let’s dive in and look at this fantastic, free experience.

Setting Up

When you enter the Magic Kingdom for the first time, head immediately to your left and locate the Main Street Fire Station – its the last building on the left hand side. Once you make your way through the relatively short queue, you will be shown by a cast member exactly how the game is played, after which you will be given a package of cards, limited to one per person, per day at Magic Kingdom. You will also receive a key card that will track your progress; alternatively, your Magic Band will also work.

During a short demonstration, you will learn how to scan your key at the portals around Magic Kingdom, and how to cast spells using your cards. It is very simple to understand: watch the video and when prompted, hold up as many cards as you can manage and cast spells at the villain you are fighting. After the completion of each portal, you will be told where to head next to continue your fight against evil. A handy map will be included with your package when you start, it lists all the locations around the Magic Kingdom.

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom

If you only have one day at Magic Kingdom, this game won’t be a good use of your time. Just getting from location-to-location can take 5-10 minutes and with numerous portals to find before completing the adventure, you could easily spend a few hours just doing this! There are 8 missions to complete in total, each of which could take 25-30 minutes. Only after finishing all of them will you be able to take on the ultimate villain, Hades himself.

More In Depth

It wasn’t apparent to me until I purchased the take-home board game for Sorceress of the Magic Kingdom, but each character has a specific set of skills and a specific background colour and shape. These are less important when roaming the Magic Kingdom, but become very important when playing at home. Depending on the situation and the villain, having certain cards in your deck will be beneficial, while others won’t be. For a more in depth gameplay experience, I do highly recommend the board game, which can be purchased at the Emporium for 19.99. It’s a great, cooperative board game that can be played and enjoyed by both parents and kids!

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom

Disney Card Collecting

There are a ton of Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom cards to collect and Disney knows how popular this game really is and offers a number of extras for fans to grab. There is an official card book players can purchase, as well as a take-home board game that allows you to use your cards even when you aren’t in the parks!

Collecting all the cards is probably impossible at this point, especially when you consider how many exclusive holiday cards have been released since the game itself launched in 2012. That being said, there is a vibrant and active card trading community and while I would never advise partaking in mailing and paying for cards, you can almost always find people at the Magic Kingdom interested in swapping cards!

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom

Even for those who don’t necessarily want to play the games, having the cards themselves are really great, so don’t waste an opportunity to grab your pack for free each day you are at the park. The artwork on the card is top notch, it is apparent that someone is putting a lot of work into these.


With the cost of entry into the Magic Kingdom seemingly increasing year-over-year, you want to make sure you are taking advantage of what the park has to offer – that means grabbing a freebie whenever you can. While they are few and far between, freebies like these cards do make great souvenirs for your trip and are a excellent cost cutting measure if you have a young boy or girl who would really enjoy collecting Disney trading cards. For my son and I, it is a must do every time we set foot in the Magic Kingdom!


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