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The Comfort of Gaming at Home

Gaming at home has never been easier than today, and with a plethora of options, it is no wonder standard arcades are slowly dying out across America. The days of pumping quarters into machines is over, not only because they replaced quarters with swipe cards a long time ago, but also because people are choosing to save those quarters to buy the next blockbuster AAA game like Forza Horizon 4, or FIFA 19.

The push to play games at home is not only benefiting the big studios, but smaller players as well. This push to do more doesn’t end here, however, as more and more do our daily lives are spent in our homes.

Think about loca Casinos, which use to be bubbling. But not thanks to offerings like the virgin games promo code 2018, playing and doing your gaming at home has never been easier. But this shouldn’t be a shock to anyone. We are now working from home, teleconferencing from home, and of course, playing our games at home. Why? I think we all invest heavily in our accommodations, and make them a place where we feel comfortable. Since we spend so much time and money on creating this safe, homey place, we want to make the most of it.

Even those of us who are social animals, we prefer to socialize in a manner that suited our own comfort, and enjoy the control that homes afford because of ownership. I can eat the food I want to eat, drink th beverages I want to drink, sit in couches and chairs that are comfortable for me, and limit access to that space to those I choose to invite. It’s about a safe place; the perfect place. And know one knows what’s better for you, than you.

And companies are slowly starting to realize this as well. We now shop for groceries from our homes, and in certain communities, can get groceries delivered to our homes. We even have third party delivery options for restaurants that don’t provide delivery options. Life in the last 20 years has changed dramatically, and it should be no surprise that the gaming community has kept up to speed.

Games are built to be longer, more immersive, and more enticing. We spend more time in our comfortable safe places than us probably healthy, but large gaming corporations are benefitting. It’s not a bad thing to enjoy the comforts of your own place, so don’t let people try to make you feel otherwise. It doesn’t hurt to go out either!


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