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Promotional Content Entices Consumers

Freebies and promotions are a great way to entice people to buy games, and generally this philosophy works really well. Take for instance major AAA releases, which offer limited perks in game for preordering the game early. In fact, new titles like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and EA Sports NHL 19 both offered three day early access for those who preordered the game. The bonuses are rarely huge – early access as mentioned above, or sometimes cosmetic in game items – but they are enough to entice people to buy.

Mobile and online games have been using this formula for years now, and console gaming is just catching up. Take for an example online gaming company who is offering genting casino promotional code for those who sign up today. It is not necessarily a huge bonus, but enough to get people to roam over to the site and check out the many options there.

Sometimes, these bonuses are about getting people to experience something new, perhaps something they never thought they would enjoy. By offering bonuses and freebies via promotions, companies can attempt to attract a larger clientele to enjoy their games.

In the world of AAA releases, it’s a bit more difficult as these premium items and freebies often come with a AAA price tag attached, roughly 59.99 USD. But it is definitely working, and companies are majorly benefiting from the preorder sales. Every full paid preorder is an limpet guaranteed sale on the companies bottom line, and they want to make sure a good crop of players is using their title on day one.

Why you might ask? Bevause that drives hype and demand for their product, and when the game is widely available at retail locations, consumers who missed out on the promotional content will hear how amazing the game is from friends – partially aided by their free content I am sure. This further drives sales, and increases the pool of potential ‘pre-order candidates’ for the next time a company launches a new title.

Promotional oppertunities are huge, and companies are definitely leveraging them to their advantage. And for those of us who play on buying many of these titles anyways, it is a welcome addition we can look forward too. If we plan to drop the day one asking price anyways, why not get a few freebies along the way. You’d be stupid not too, in my opinion.


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