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LEGO Halloween Witch Brickheadz – 40272

Today marks the beginning of October, and thus the beginning of the Halloween season. While places like Disney World have been living the Halloween dream for a few months now, you know the holiday is quickly approaching when LEGO launches their yearly themed sets. With the success of BrickHeadz over the last number of months, it comes at no surprise that they have released a few Halloween themed sets to get people in the mood! As more of a collectors display item than an actual playable toy, the LEGO Halloween Witch looks great amongst our home Halloween decor!

Set Name: Halloween Witch

Set Number: 40272

Pieces: 151

Price: 9.99 USD

The Build

Like all BrickHeadz, there isn’t anything to difficult about putting the Halloween Witch together. My 4 year old son was able to complete the set in less than 30 minutes, and based on previous releases, it would have taken me 10-15 to complete. As BrickHeadz are more of a display item than a play item, having a sturdy build and a good base is pretty important for the overall structural integrity of the product.

And from top to bottom, the Halloween Witch is a solid LEGO build. There are no hollow aspects to this set – and trust me, based on our build it would have been possible – and LEGO has again found ways to add somewhat rare bricks into regular LEGO sets, by stashing them inside and out of view.

Unlike other BrickHeadz – especially characters with ‘wild’ hair – there are not too many 1×1 bricks in the Halloween Witch, and this definitely helped in my four year olds ability to complete the set. The core of the build is the 2x2x2 bricks with the studded outside, which allows the Witch’s costume to be put together. Thes 2x1x2 bricks were pretty scarce prior to the BrickHeadz line, but since hte launch of these sets a long while ago now, it’s hard to call them rare.

Still, they are great for custom LEGO builds, especially for decorating hte insides of homes and buildings with wall decor. Outside of these bricks, and a few round 2x2x2 round bricks – like stools! – there isn’t too many pieces to get excited about, unless you’ve been on the lookout for purple and green blocks!


Like I stated earlier, the LEGO BrickHeadz line isn’t so much about playing, but rather displaying when completed. While my kids always find ways to play with any LEGO set that comes here for review – and I think that is what is so great about LEGO! – we ultimately had to pry this one from their little hands as we are using it to accent our Halloween decorations for this year!

The one major downside of this build is how the feet of the Witch are too far forward, and when placed on the base, it’s fairly unstable. A few more pieces added to the rear of hte build would have made the completed figure just a bit more sturdy; outside of that, there is little if anything else to complain about!

Although we don’t have pictures to show off the witch living amongst our own Halloween decor, watch out for updates via Twitter! Because this one doesn’t have a major licence attached to it, like Star Wars or Disney, or what ever, it might be an easy set to pass on for many BrickHeadz collectors. For those looking to get them all, or who want to accent their own Halloween decor with a little magic from The LEGO Group, this is an excellent pickup. For 151 pieces and only 9.99, the price-per-piece ration is fantastic as well!


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