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Getting Excited for Farming Simulator 2017

We reviewed Farming Simulator 15 last year, and although there were a few things we weren’t huge fans of, the overall gameplay experience wasn’t bad. That being said, we were promised over and over again that Farming Simulator 17 would be much better than it’s predecessor, and in a few days, we will figure out if that is true or not.


We do know a few things that should get us very excited, and things that have created a large amount of hype in the Farming Simulator community. Depending on who you ask, what is the best new addition and what is the worst seems to vary drastically. I will run down my own favorite new things coming to Farming Simulator 17.

Trains, Trains, Trains!

Who doesn’t like getting products to market in different ways. I sure do, and so I’m glad to see that instead of just driving Transport Trucks around, we will actually get to do something with trains. The biggest bonus for trains will be moving items from one side of the map to the other. I cannot think of a better use of these then for hauling lumber, a tedious task at the best of times.

Tending Animals

Everyone wanted animals in Farming Simulator 17, and the developers have promised to deliver that for us. This adds something new to the title, yes, but also allows players to approach this game in a drastically different way. What I’ve liked about Farming Simulator in the past is that you never are required to do anything. You run your farm how you want. If it is going to be crop focused, great? Wood focused? That’s no problem. But now we can focus entirely on animals if we want, and that makes me really happy. This should open up the franchise to a wider audience.

So much more…

Do you want a custom tractor? Well you can. Do you want to create some mods? You can do that too. Farming Simulator 17 is a game that is based on fan feedback from the previous title, and the developers are listening. You can get your hands on a copy later this month! Come back for our full review then!



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