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Explore Ancient Egypt Today

Assassin’s Creed Origins is set to unleash players on the world of Ancient Egypt next week, but fans of the franchise can take a peak into the world Ubisoft Montreal created by booking a tour today to see it first hand! Well, at least digitally! Click over to on your favorite browser and book your tour to visit Ancient Egypt!

Here is a bit of insight into the tours, courtesy of Ubisoft Canada:

During these virtual tours, fans will explore the wonders and mysteries of the Egyptian kingdom and capture highlights of their experience for social media. Canadians who are interested in a virtual vacation to this mystical location will be able to choose from one of three unique tours:

 Mysteries of the Ancient Kingdom – enter the bowels of the Egyptian tombs before anyone else.

  • Into the Nile – discover the impressive and dangerous wildlife of Ancient Egypt on foot, horseback, and by boat.

  • Extreme Egypt – brave sandstorms, slide down the Great Pyramid, and dive into the mighty Nile.

 From October 20-25, fans who have booked a tour will enjoy a unique interactive experience and be able to capture highlights from their experience.

Those taking the tours will have the opportunity to save and share up to three, 5 second video clips from the experience on social media. I’ve taken a lap around a few of the available tours, and let me tell you: phenomenal! What an outstanding way to market your title; hats off to Ubisoft for this out-of-the-box thinking!

Book your tour and let us know how it goes by hitting us up on social media!


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