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What Does the Future Portend for Mobile Gaming?

Ask a different generation what they think of when they think about gaming and they will probably bring up playing a console game and enjoying a game with friends. There is talk of controllers and other such things. That being said, the modern way to do gaming looks a lot more like the smartphones that we all carry with us all the time. Smartphone gaming has captured a big portion of the overall gaming market. It has many wondering what the future of gaming may look like.

The Lessons We Learned From Pokemon Go

The breakout game of 2016 was Pokemon Go. It seemed like it just came out of nowhere and then everyone was suddenly playing it all at the same time. It started to take over social media and it spread like wildfire. The game involved using virtual reality as part of the overall landscape of the game.

The essential quality of the game was that people would walk around the real world and attempt to capture virtual Pokemon that were projected onto the landscape of the world around them. There were some that were much more common than others, and there were some which were very rare to find at all. People loved to share which Pokemon they had captured and where they found them. By doing so, they were helping to spread the popularity of the game even farther.

This was a glimpse into the world of mobile game as it may appear going forward. It is interactive and it is something that people can share about on their social media platforms. It also contained the element of rewarding players frequently with each Pokemon that they captured. Thus, it had an element that made the game even more addictive than a typical game may be.

In-Game Purchases

Purchasing extras within the game is something that has become quite popular with the makers of games. They know that having a player get into the game and then they will perhaps make a purchase in the game to enhance the experience even farther.

This method of game making has steadily become more popular because it leaves the experience in the hands of the players themselves. That is to say that a player does not have to fork over a large sum of money in order to play the game that they have chosen to play. They can instead choose exactly how much they want to pay for the game based on how many in-game purchases they choose to make. For some this will make the game more expensive, but that is only true for those who purchase a lot of extras for the game. There are some who may purchase no extra in-game purchases. It is entirely left up to the player to decide what they want to do.

eSports Coming To Mobile

Although the concept is foreign to some people, eSports are making a big splash in the world of gamers. That is to say that gamers are starting to earn a lot of fame and money by playing the kind of games that they love to play on PC. They are really making a difference because they have found their own fame when they get good at it.

eSports may be edging their way into mobile gaming at this point. It is a bit more of a challenge because the screens are smaller and it is just not as easy to compete on games that are played on phones as games that are played on PC consoles. Still, the companies that make such games are doing what they can to bring those games to smartphones.

Trivia And Cash Challenge Games

Certain games have become popular to play live on smartphones no matter who you are. Popular trivia games have become all of the rage with certain people. They have loved them because they give them the opportunity to compete in a trivia challenge with so many other people all at the same time. They can even compete for cash prizes. That adds to the excitement of the game because those games are often free, and yet they are able to become games in which a person walks away having won some money.

There is still some clunkiness to these games simply because it takes a lot of data and technology to keep the trivia games running at the same time. It is just hard to get that many people together all in one place to do one thing like this. It is starting to work, but the technology has a long way to come.

Mobile Gambling Legality

The last big change that we can expect to see in mobile gaming in the next five to ten years is that mobile gambling will become more acceptable from a legal perspective. That is to say that more states in the United States are likely to open up their laws to allow gambling to occur within their borders on mobile phones. It is something that has taken a long time to come around in the United States, but it is slowly starting to happen. The fact is that the various states are starting to see online gambling as a means of raising extra tax revenue that they did not have available to them in the past.

It is expected by most experts in the industry that legal gambling will quickly become the norm. If that is to be the case, then many players will latch on to this as a way to enjoy their mobile gaming, and that will lead to yet another reason there will be a boom in mobile gaming.

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