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Top RC Race Games to Play Outside With Your Friends

The main complaints adults have, in regards to kids, is that children these days, spend too much time in front of a computer or a phone’s screen. And they’re right! We like video games, and they require lots of time and energy. Regardless of the fact that you’re on a mission on COD, or you’re just running from the police in GTA, you never know how time flies.

But what if there was a way to play your favorite games outside, in a real-life setting? I mean, yes video games are realistic, but actually being in the middle of the action is the most realistic experience you can get.

I am passionate about cars in both games and real life, and I own a beautiful collection of RC cars. This combination allowed me to get involved in some really interesting RC racing games that mimic what we see in video games, and it’s a lot of fun!

So, if you’re interested in getting a more realistic experience with your RC cars (or boat, plane, helicopter, and so on), take a look at the game ideas below. You might actually like them!

#1: Running Laps

This is a game for beginners in the RC racing art and the video game world. After all, the first thing you’re doing in a game like NFS (where you have the option) or F1 is run laps alone to get used to the track.

This is something you can do with friends or in a local competition with your RC car. It’s easy enough to organize a track, make it as complicated as you like, and then let everyone try their skills while running laps.

Of course, there are lots of already-arranged terrains where you can test your skills, but these usually require a fee for using their track. If you’re interested, you can find more info on local RC tracks, here.

#2: NFS and GTA Race Style

This is something you have to try! It is a lot of fun, and you can organize it in your own backyard with your friends. You just need a few racing cars, some police cars, and maybe a helicopter or two. Once you have all the RC toys, you can decide each player’s role, but I recommend switching from time to time. This way, no one gets left behind.

If you’re not sure how this could go, take a look at a legendary RC race  of course, this was done by professional RC players, but yours can be just as amazing.

#3: Off Road Race like in Dirt Rally

Dirt Rally is a masterpiece when it comes to car racing video games! The graphic quality is high, and the action is smooth and realistic. Still, for a more realistic off road, I invite you to take your own truck and get it outside.

For an off road race, you should find an area with difficult terrain and maybe some puddles or some muddy areas to make things a lot more fun. Still, you should make sure everyone’s truck is prepared for such an experience (not all are waterproof from the factory).

If you’re interested in getting the best, Jon from RC Rank, recommends the Summit model from Traxxas as being one of the best trucks for RC off road on the market. Honestly, I’ve tried it, and it is a real monster!

As you can see, with RC toys, you can have a lot more fun than with video games. And, besides the fact that you’re getting outside, you get to make some really great friends.


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