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PDP’s Latest Shipment Shows They are About Diversity of Franchises

When the Pixel Pals were first launched by PDP, we noticed a number of people commenting on our social media threads that Performance Design Products was going to cater to the Nintendo audience with these releases, and basically leaving out the ‘hardcore’ audience. From what we have seen, however, this is far from the truth, and the latest shipments we have received for review speak volumes to that.


Last week, PDP sent over a box with 4 Pixel Pals inside – 2 Street Fighter, 1 Super Mario 3, and 1 Skyrim figure. This box alone hits so many franchises and fan bases, from traditional Nintendo platforming, to and open world adventure RPG title, to a fighting game title. This is the goal PDP had when releasing these items, and they are doing a phenomenal job in our opinion.

In reality, PDP has released varied characters since day one, with the original launch of Vault Boy in the first three releases. That was followed up by a special edition black and white Vault Boy, multiple Street Fighter characters, a lineup of DC characters, and even one from the Halo franchise.


Variety is the name of the game with PDP, and with so many great franchises to tap into – some confirmed and others only teased – there is no stopping where PDP might go with this lineup. We know that Crash Bandicoot figures are in the works, and its only a matter of time before the Sonic the Hedgehog character is available at retail. For those saying PDP is catering to a Nintendo base, you are completely wrong.

Where this notion comes from is beyond me. Perhaps its the 8 bit design, that so many people equate to Mario, or whether it’s just the out right negativity to too many people now-a-days. Whatever the reason, know this: PDP is releasing these figures to hit ALL video game audiences, and that includes you too. You might not like them all – really, does everyone love EVERY Funko? – but you will find lots to purchase.


Kudos to you PDP on a variety in your lineup. We cannot wait to see what is next!


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