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More Thoughts From Me #137: The Other Stuff From Last Weeks Direct

Last week, we had a Nintendo Direct. There were a lot of announcements out of that Direct, however my favorites were Animal Crossing Switch and all those Final Fantasy games! I already talked about those though. For this More Thoughts, I want to focus on the other cool announcements from last weeks Direct. There was just so much! Here’s what else I liked.

I don’t like Pokemon. I think everybody thats read this column or that follows me on twitter knows that. And so it may surprise you all that one of my favorite announcements in last weeks Direct was from the developer of Pokemon. That game and other (non-FF, non-Animal Crossing) games are the focus of todays column. Here we goooooo:

Town: Developed by Game Freak. I was totally blown away by the graphics in this game. I love the cel-shaded look. The battle system looks pretty unique too. Stealth on twitter said that it feels like a Level 5/Game Freak collaboration. I totally can see that. Town has a very Fantasy Life look to it.

Kirby’s Epic Yarn for 3DS:  I was hoping that at least one or two new games would be announed for the little portable that could and we did get one. Epic Yarn was a cool game on the Wii and it should be fun to play on the 3DS!

Luigi’s Mansion 3: The first shocking announcement of last weeks Nintendo Direct. None of us had any idea that Nintendo was working on a new Luigi’s Mansion for the Switch. The game looks excellent too.

Yoshi’s Crafted World: The rumored title for the upcoming Switch Yoshi game turned out to be true. And we got a new trailer for this game. The graphics look incredible and the gameplay looks fun.

Board Games on Switch: It was mentioned somewhere before this Direct that Carcassonne was coming to the Switch, but the rest of the games were a complete surprise. I think its an interesting genre to bring to the system. I’m sure a lot of people will love it.

New Super Mario U Deluxe: This title was heavy rumored to be coming and it turned out to be true. I do wish Nintendo would stop doing Wii U deluxe titles but I have to admit that this game does look really good. I’m sure it’ll sell well too…though one has to wonder if Nintendo plans to bring every Wii U game to the Switch…

And those were the main stand out games. There are ton of other things I’m sure I’m forgetting to mention. This was a jam-packed 35 minute Nintendo Direct afterall.

What was your favorite annoucement from last weeks Nintendo Direct?

Next week: Nintendo Switch Online. Its been out for a week. What do I think of it so far?

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. Animal Crossing Switch was my absolute favorite announcement from this Nintendo Direct. I can’t wait to play it!


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