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Elder Scrolls Online – Wolfhunter DLC Review

If you haven’t been playing the Elder Scrolls Online, and love the Elder Scrolls universe, there has never been a better time to jump in than now. As the game is already available on Xbox Game Pass – for those playing on Xbox One – it could be had for the low monthly cost of 9.99; those without access to Xbox Game Pass – those playing on PS4 or PC – can still grab the full version of the game with some expansions if they pick up the more recent Morrowond Edition! However you decide to pick it up, be prepared to spend a few dollars on DLC, because Bethesda has been knocking it out of the park!

The Wolfhunter DLC was reviewed on an Xbox One X united provided by Xbox Canada, using a DLC code provided by the Publisher.

The latest DLC pack – Wolfhunter – just recently launched on console, after the PC version launched a few weeks ago. In Wolfhunter, players will have new dungeons to explore, which brings along with it new story options for your character. Whether you are hunting through the wilds, or taking on a gigantic castle, there are plenty of new things to do with the DLC pack.

Regardless of how you feel about the games many story missions – as some gravitate to them more than others – there is no denying how beautiful and wildly different each of the two new locations are. Moon Hunter Keep is a gorgeous, sprawling castle with lots of fine details every way you look. It’s not often we get dungeons inside buildings in ESO, so this is a fairly unique experience you won’t often encounter. Between working through the quest story, players will feel the pull to explore the castle as much as possible, seeing which items can be looted on the way.

March of Sacrifices looks equally as good, transporting players to the great outdoors with mythical creatures each and every way you look. The detail in the environment is outstanding, and despite being a smaller DLC pack, there was a lot of love put into it from Bethesda’s development team. What I like about the two included dungeons is that they present opportunities for varying play styles. In the March of Sacrifices, players will need to take a more calculated, stealth approach to the proceedings, while the castle allows players to be a bit more free, engaging with enemies head on.

The dungeons are the meat and potatoes of the experience, but there are also new items, armour sets, and more that can be unlocked throughout the DLC adventure. For those looking to add to their ESO experience, there are plenty of reasons to pick up the Wolfhunter DLC. It’s not overly easy, but also not overly hard, allowing mid-level players to tackle their requirements with ease!


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