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EA Access an Incredible Value

We’ve commented and reviewed EA Access before when the service first launched and Xbox Canada supplied us with a 12 month review code, but I’ve since let my membership with the program lapse, not because there wasn’t value, but as a reviewer, much of what was available on the service I had already played and completed, and with so much work on my desk at any given time, going back to an older title isn’t a luxury I can have. With the recent launches of Madden 18 and (soon) NHL 18, I re-up’d my service thanks again to Xbox Canada, and realized the immense value the service offers.

EA Access

Looking at the image above, you can already see a number of fairly recent, AAA titles that could be yours for 4.99 / month, or only 2.49 / month if you sign up for 12 months. Having the ability to play many of the EA Access titles for as low as 1/2 a cup of Starbucks Coffee per month is a pretty good deal, especially when you consider that this includes great titles like Battlefield 1 (a personal favorite), and Titanfall 2.

EA Access isn’t only giving you games that are 6 months or more old, however. As an added bonus, EA Access members can jump into (mostly) sports titles the weekend ahead of launch to try out the full game for up to 10 hours. This value is incredible, which I will attempt to explain below.

At best, I’m a casual Madden player, and when we were unfortunately unsuccessful in our attempts to review Madden 18, we hoped into the 10 hour ‘demo’ to try the game out, and I realized something: while I like to play Madden casually, I’m not likely going to drop 79.99 Canadian to play it. For myself, I realized that just having access to Madden 17 on the service would be OK with me, for the casual time I put into the series.

Some people will rag on EA Access for being a collection of old titles that EA is trying to milk a few extra dollars out of, but in a world of numerous subscription services, it’s really hard to beat 2.49/month for access to over 15 great EA titles with no restrictions. It’s a better deal than Netflix for sure, and we all cough up 9.99+ per month for that service! Check it out now and see why so many Xbox One owners are jumping on the service!


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