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Warioware Gold Impressions

Warioware Gold came out on Friday last week. I’ve had the chance to play the game a lot and now I want to tell you all about it. Is Warioware Gold worth the purchase?

I’ve already beaten Warioware Gold’s story and opened up all the challenge¬†modes. It only took me two days to do so. Of course, I was playing the game a lot in those two days, but still, that seems like a pretty short amount of time to get a game and then beat its story!

But then you look at how many games there are still unlock, plus all of the toys to collect (including seperate mini-games) and of course you can try to get higher scores on all of the microgames….

Warioware Gold has a lot of replay value! Sure you can “beat” the game quickly, but there’s just so much left to do. Not only that but the microgames in Warioware Gold are great time killers. Don’t have anything to do while waiting on something? Go into Warioware Gold and play a microgame or two or three or…you get the point.

Warioware Gold is well worth getting for the Nintendo 3DS.

I’m very happy with this game. I still play it a ton.

I give Warioware Gold 10 out of 10 Warios. You don’t want to miss this game. Its pure…gold. Ok, I’ll show myself out. (and go back to playing Warioware Gold).

Did you buy Warioware Gold? If so, what is your favorite character/mode/microgame?



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