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More Thoughts From Me #131: Severed Thoughts

There were a lot interesting indies on the Wii U and sometimes, some of them came to the 3DS also. One such game, that was on both the Wii U and 3DS, was Severed. I recently downloaded the game for 3DS thanks to My Nintendo, which has it up for Gold coins. Here are my thoughts on Severed for the 3DS.

Severed, right from the start, is a very strange game. You are in first person mode, so you don’t even know who you are playing as at first. When you look in the mirror, you see a young woman and that young woman quickly loses an arm and gains a sword. From there, you have to defeat monsters and collect their leftover parts in order to level your character up.

Like I said, Severed is a strange game.

I wasn’t sure I liked it at first. I thought I’d quit the game completely when I got stuck on the game’s sword tutorial mode.

You see, Severed is on the 3DS and the game makes use of the the system’s touch screen. In the tutorial mode, you have to use your stylus (or finger) to slash in certain directions. The tutorial was being very picky about the direction you slashed in. So I just kept trying to finish the tutorial over and over and over and over. It was frustrating.

Finally, I did get past the tutorial. And then the game got good!

Collecting monster parts is just as strange as it sounds, but its also a bit…addictive. Yeah. I’m fine. Really. Upgrading your characters is a unique and simple process in this game. After you have enough monster parts for an upgrade, you just go into the menu for upgrading and add the points.

You would think that Severed was really gross but its not really that gross.

Would I recommend that kids play Severed? No. The subject matter of the main character losing her arm and then going on a quest to find her family and collecting arms, eyes, and such along the way is kinda dark. Its not a game for kids but I don’t think many adults will have a problem with the game. Its not overly gross, the concept is unique and pretty interesting.

The game makes great use of the 3DS’s touch screen too. The controls work well. Maybe too well if that tutorial is taken into account.

Severed is a really good game for the 3DS. I imagine its a good game on the Wii U too but I’ve never played it there.

I like Severed. Its weird.

Have you played Severed? What do you think of it?

Next week: Lego DC Super Villains is coming out in October. I love Lego games! So what do I think of this one?! Some Lego DC Super Villains thoughts next week. Stay tuned-same bat time, same bat channel!

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. Just don’t turn off the lights while playing Severed…



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