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More Thoughts From Me #76: Return of the SNES

I was never able to get an NES Classic Edition. I never will get one of those. So when I heard the rumor of an SNES Classic Edition, I dismissed it as fake. I also didn’t want it to happen because I knew what happened with the NES Classic. Of course, I was wrong. Again. Nintendo announced the SNES Classic Edition recently. I’ll tell you how I feel about the system now.

I would love to have an Super Nintendo Classic Edition (SNES Classic). It won’t happen.

Nintendo has announced that they will put out more systems for this SNES Classic than they did for the NES Classic. However, they will only have the system out this year! Also, while preorders have been announced for other countries, North American stores still haven’t annouced preorders which probably means there won’t be any…

Once again, we’ll see people buy the system up fast, including people who want to sell the system at a higher price for profit.

Thats not the only reason I’ll never have a SNES Classic. I don’t have a Nintendo Switch and that system is my top proitory this year. I am not made of money. So if I want to get a Switch (and some games!), I won’t be able to get an SNES Classic too.

I really dislike what Nintendo is doing by making the SNES Classic only available for this year only. If it was going into next year too, maybe I (and other people) would be able to get the system…

Putting all of that aside though, what do I think about system itself?

The games included with the SNES Classic are among the best of the best for the SNES. Final Fantasy 6 and Earthbound are worth the system alone! But you also have Star Fox, Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario World, and other classics! Not only that, but a game that never came out anywhere, Star Fox 2, will be included with the package too! Wow.

Unfortunately, not everything about the system is perfect. Once again Nintendo is including a wired controller. Yes, the cord is longer, but still having a wired controller is very inconvient. I’m not sure why Nintendo couldn’t have included a wireless controller this time…

Also, I think Chrono Trigger should have been included with this package! C’mon Square and Nintendo!

Overall, though, the system is cool. I still have my orignal SNES, but the controller for it doesn’t work anymore and I can’t find a good “new” one. So if possible, I’d buy this SNES Classic in a heartbeat.

But I’ve already given up. With how limited the system will be, plus my upcoming Nintendo Switch purchase, well, its just very unlikely that I’ll ever get a SNES Classic.

I love Nintendo. I’d love to have a chance to get this system. It really sucks that Nintendo won’t let everyone get a chance to get it.

Is this the end of the world? Nope. I’ve played this system before. I don’t like that I’m missing out on the classic edition, but I can live with it. I’d rather have the Switch anyway.

Next week: I check in with RPG Maker FES! Has anyone created a cool rpg yet?

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. Ok, time to play some of these games on the Virtual Console.


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