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Happy Kirby Day!

Nintendo has put out a lot of games with Kirby and the character has a ton of fans. So, it should come as no surprise at all when Nintendo just suddenly decides to have a Kirby Day! Three classic Kirby games were released today, plus a demo for Kirby Robobot. Happy Kirby Day! Check out below to see which games Nintendo released and my thoughts on each of them.


Three Kirby games were released for Nintendo systems today (7/27). The games are: Kirby Epic Yarn (Wii download for Wii U), Kirby Mass Attack (DS VC for Wii U), and Kirby Dream Course (SNES VC for New 3DS). Here are my thoughts on the three games:

Kirby Epic Yarn


Before there was Yoshi Woolly World, there was another yarn game called Kirby Epic Yarn. Woolly’s world’s HD graphics are even better then Epic Yarn, but don’t discount the Kirby game. Epic Yarn looks very good and the gameplay is a lot of fun. Nintendo created a very unique and creative game here. If you haven’t played Kirby Epic Yarn and you have a Wii U, you should consider downloading it. This title shouldn’t be missed!

Kirby Mass Attack


I never played the full game of Mass Attack, but I really liked the DS demo I played. In this game, there are a lot of Kirby’s and you use them to get through the levels. This game is very different from the usual Kirby game but what I played of it was fun. I’m definitly going to consider downloading it sooner or later.

Kirby Dream Course


I wish a better Kirby game was brought out for the New 3DS today. I can’t remember if I played this one, but from the footage I’ve seen, it doesn’t look that great. Dream Course puts Kirby in a game thats sort of like Golf where you must hit Kirby into a hole. Its a lot harder than it sounds. I think one of Kirby’s normal SNES games would have better for this Kirby Day.


Nintendo also brought out a demo for Kirby Planet Robobot today! I played the demo and enjoyed it a lot. I haven’t played the full game yet, but I really want to. The demo is a blast. You have two levels you can play and the game looks great in 3D. I especially loved the Robot section! Another great thing about this demo: you can play it 30 times!! Thats very rare for Nintendo demos, which usually only give you 10-15 tries. I recommend downloading the demo if you haven’t played Robobot yet.

Happy Kirby Day everyone! What do you think of the Kirby games Nintendo released today. Bonus question: What is your favorite Kirby game and why?


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