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Being Safe Online

An important part of online gaming – whether you are playing a first person shooter, sports, or even casino mobile games – it is important to make sure you are taking every precaution to protect yourself and your identity. It all starts from knowing your gaming source.

When online with your favourite home console, your personal security is always fairly safe. You are using a reputable platform, using a service you’ve paid for, with the guaranteed protection from your favourite console maker, whether that be Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo. But what about free to play games via Facebook or casino games on seemingly random websites?
That’s where things get a bit trickerier, but there are a few things you can look for! These aren’t a guarantee, but if you are looking for some online casino fun , be sure to carefully explore what you are doing!
1. Verify via language. Even though so many websites will try to scam you out of real money, they fail at one important thing: writing English well. A poorly written website is a sure fire way to know someone is trying to obtain information from you. While it’s not a guarantee, a website written well is going to be more reputable then one written poorly!
2. Look for location legislation information. This is especially true when going onto online gambling websites. Any and all online gambling sites are required to post the legislative information for that region. Who can play, what the laws say about gambling, and so on. A website which lacks this information isn’t playing by the rules, and is likely trying to scam you in some way!
3. If it’s too good to be true, it likely is. Sometimes, online websites promise and offer a lot more to guests than seems reasonable, and in most cases, that is the 100% truth. Individuals are so likely to grab at these offers without doing the proper homework. This is an easy way to get pulled into a scam!
It is easy to get trapped online, and being vigilante at all times will be key. If you value your personal privacy and information, you’ll think twice before clicking on offers and games that seem less than reputable.
Know your surroundings and play safe online. We all love to game, but we want you to be safe wherever you go!

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