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E3 2018: EA Play Conference

The EA conference at E3 2018 was fairly underwhelming, and wasn’t the way I hoped E3 would kick off. We got to see a few things – obviously the upcoming EA Sports titles, a first good look at Anthem, and the biggest surprise, the fact that not only was Unravel 2 in production, but that it was also releasing that day (June 9). While the Unravel announcement was exciting, and Anthem looked good, most of what was shown off was predictable yearly releases, and a few indie titles.

The Good


While not necessarily a unique reveal, the first look at Anthem was still very impressive. Sure, I’m picturing a lot of Destiny while playing this, but game play shown off and the early reactions from media members at E3 are really positive, even if the demo was short and had little context.

One of the more disappointing bits of news was that while the game looks like it would make a fabulous PvP experience, there are no plans to add that mechanic to the game. Either way, it is something we at GamesReviews are looking forward too, even if the concept isn’t as unique as other reveals at this even.

Unravel 2

Unravel brings back the beautiful side scrolling action of hte original title, but doubles up the fun with two characters. When playing single player, you’ll be able to pick up the other character and move through most areas of the level, which will be good for those playing alone.

The bigger part of yesterday’s reveal, however, was that Unravel 2 was available the second the press conference was over. So not only was Unravel 2 in production for a long time, but the developers had it secretly waiting for all to play right away. While this is not the first game to be released the first time it was shown off, it is one of the more surprising and better titles!

Sea of Solitude

The Bad

Unfortunately, pretty much everything else was bad. Walking out all their sports titles again seems redundant year after year, even for the minor improvements being made to each. On top of that, the mobile RTS game kinda came out of left field, and the reception for that title was less than stellar.

The biggest miss of the day? Unravel 2 isn’t coming to Nintendo Switch, nor anything EA announced today outside of FIFA 19. That is incredibly disappointing.

What were your thoughts of the event?


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