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Three Things You Should Be Doing in Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human launches this Friday on PlayStation 4, and thanks to our good friends at PlayStation Canada, we have been playing through the game for the last week and a bit! Since we’ve completed the entire game, we wanted to provide you three things you should be doing when playing the game! Let’s dive in!

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Explore Whenever Possible

Exploring the world of Detroit is incredibly important. It will elevate the experience from ‘good’ to ‘great’ very quickly. Throughout the games many environments, there are tons of things to look at, some of which will alter how the game itself unfolds, while others are purely extra. The extra content, however, will help fill in gaps that you will notice in the narrative.

Skipping them won’t negatively impact your experience, but engaging with everything will definitely enhance it. For example, while playing with as the detective prototype Android Connor, you will be able to read newspaper articles about the other two characters you will play as, filling in the Detroit media’s perspective on these other playable Androids. As another example, when roaming around Todd’s home – when playing as Kara for the first time – there are a number of things that will help you better understand Todd’s current state of mind, his financial situation, and more, which ultimately feeds his personality and character flaws.

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Easily missed, but incredibly important. Just remember, in certain situations – such as when playing as Connor during hostage crisis which many played during the demo – you won’t be able to do absolutely everything before being forced outside to deal with the situation. Which brings us too…

Play it Again…and Again…and Again

Detroit: Become Human is not meant to be an experience you live once. Although we highly recommend playing the game through its entirety before replaying a previous level, don’t forget to come back and try to obtain different outcomes. Between each Chapter, a handy screen will pop up showing you the flow chart of your decisions. Decisions you didn’t take and haven’t experienced will be blank, giving you an idea of where and when you might need to make different decisions to have different outcomes.

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On top of that, you won’t have to play through a chapter in it’s entirety. If the opening moments of a chapter don’t give you options, you can choose a different point within the chapter to begin your subsequent play through. Quantic Dream wanted you to experience the entire game without having to replay parts that have no alternative endings. Kudos to them!

Let People Watch

When playing through Detroit: Become Human, I had the most fun when my wife was on the couch watching the game unfold. Her suggestions on what to do sometimes helped me in indecisive moments, but ultimately it was her shock, awe, and amazement as the game unfolded.

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I played through the game the first time, and she did the second time. Even after completing the game myself, I had a great time watching her, and seeing which paths she would choose. It was great seeing how we both interacted with this game differently, and resulted in a lot of commentary throughout.


And there you have it! Three tips to get you started. Are you excited for Detroit: Become Human?


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