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Review of Iron Man Brick Headz Set from LEGO

It is not often I get a LEGO set in the mail and go, “I didn’t know this existed!” but that was the case this week when I unboxed a wonderful review box sent over by The Lego Group. Aside from a few Star Wars sets and LEGO Creator sets, The LEGO Group’s PR company also sent along two Marvel Brick Headz sets, Iron Man and Hulk. These a pretty solid sets with almost 100 pieces each. I put together the Iron Man figure last night and was incredibly impressed!


Price: 9.99 USD

Pieces: 96

Set #: 41590

Theme: Brick Headz

The Build

The Iron Man figure when completely built isn’t as big as you might think from the various images. When you consider that there are only 96 pieces in the set, you can’t expect much. For a size comparison, the figure is a little larger than the Hulk mini figure included in many LEGO Marvel Superheroes sets. When put together, however, the figure is solid from top to bottom, with nothing that might fall of from a gentle touch. Unfortunately for myself, this set comes with quite a few little pieces – tons of 1×1 bricks and a handful of 1×1 studs! – so putting it together with my fat fingers wasn’t an easy task. The entire build only took about 5 or 6 minutes to complete, and that takes into consideration that I was doing it on camera for YouTube.

Is It Aesthetically Pleasing?

This LEGO set is geared towards a 10+ audience for one obvious reason: this isn’t a LEGO set you will play with, but rather one that you will put on display. Each figure is numbered as part of the Marvel Brick Headz set, and has a base for the figure that includes the figures set number. All of these lined up on a shelf would look fantastic, and I highly recommend keeping your box in as good as condition as possible. If you turn the box to the side, it will give you a live action shot of the character from the movie the figure is based on. For Iron Man, it was a build of the character modeled from Captain America: Civil War. The live action artwork on the side of the box would look great next to the figure itself on a shelf, which is how I plan to display it.

Rare or Hard to Find Pieces?

With only 96 pieces in the set, you can’t hope for much in way of exclusive or hard-to-find pieces, but after putting this set together I was pleasantly surprised. A number of the printed pieces made specifically for Iron Man will only be available through this set, and the 1×1 flat stud used for the eyes are very hard to find and you get three in this set. The other piece that I find difficult to find is the 1x2x2 brick with the studs on the side of the pieces. These are great for use when building things for a LEGO city, if you hope to put banners or posters on a wall. These pieces are not rare per-se, but getting 14 of them in one small set is a huge bonus.

Is It Worth It?

If you are looking for a set you can actively play with, I would say that, no, the Iron Man Brick Headz set is not worth your time. There is little playability here, as the set is for display purposes only. That being said, if you do a lot of custom builds, your 9.99 goes pretty far in securing a number of hard to find bricks. Those maroon bricks are not as common as you might think, and getting a ton of them in this set is definitely a bonus for anyone looking to expand their LEGO collection. I look forward to unboxing and reviewing more of these figures in the future, so stay tuned to GamesReviews!






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