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Michonne Episode 3

While all of Telltales Walking Dead games have been fantastic, Michonne really took the series to the next level. It provided insight into one of the shows best characters, filling in a backstory that might not otherwise be known. The first two episodes in the series were fantastic, but did the third live up to the standards of the previous two? Read on to find out!

The third episode seems to take a step back from the first two. It was significantly shorter and relied more on dialogue than any actual game play. We learned more about Michonne, and I suppose that’s the saving grace of this third episode. She begins taking a liking to her partners two children, which obviously are stand in replacements for the kids she lost. As you play through the episode there is one common theme that permeates dialogue with both children: I’m going to make sure you are OK. I will be your protector.


I like Michonne even more with this conclusion to the story, but that was about the extent of my takeaway. There was very little to do in this final chapter, and I had the feeling that Telltale probably could have launched two episodes rather than three. While most people are paying for the complete package – so it really doesn’t matter – I feel for those that were buying it episode by episode.

When things pick up near the end of the episode, it’s great! It unfortunetly takes too long to get here, and the creators and story tellers are hell bent on making sure you are directly informed about every little theme that has been present since Episode 1, and even themes that were weaved into the first two Walking Dead games. Little is left to the imagination – this is understandable in a way, as those who haven’t played the first two games might not understand many of the main themes in the series. However, I feel like the creators attempt to drive home every little point made for a less appealing episode as a whole.

While I’m left a bit disappointed by this final chapter, I feel like the entire three episode game is a great step forward for Telltale, both in how they deliver the content and how they have tweaked and enhanced game play in little ways. This short title is not a throwaway Telltale game while we all wait for Telltale Season 3. Grab it today, and spend the few hours to make it through the content. You will be glad you did!

Episode Score: 6/10
Series Score: 8/10



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