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Word Search by POWGI

Word Search by POWGI is not your usual Nintendo Switch eshop game. I’ve played a lot of Lightwood Games word games on Wii U and 3DS. I have loved all of them. Word Search by POWGI was the very first game I had ever played by Lightwood. I enjoyed it a lot and I was really happy when it was announced for the Nintendo Switch. Here is my review of Word Search by POWGI for Nintendo’s latest system.

Word Search by POWGI is all about finding words. There are 300 and some crossword puzzles in Word Search by POWGI. Each of these crosswords are seperated into their own unique catagory with many subcatogories. The user interface here is very easy to use and even easier if you are playing it in handheld mode, because you can use the touch screen to navigate around. Though the buttons work well in this game too. I liked using the touch screen to navigate and the buttons to solve puzzles.

I like Word Search by POWGI in handheld mode and on the TV. While its on the TV, my dad and I can work together to solve puzzles. He often time spots words that I can’t find.

Word Search by POWGI does have local multiplayer. You can use split joycons and this works well.

The game also supports local wireless between Nintendo Switch systems, however I don’t have two of those.

Best of all, in my opinion, is that Word Search by POWGI has online multiplayer! I was able to play the game online with one of its developers and I had a lot of fun. The online worked very well and there was no disconnects. I look forward to checking the online out again soon.

I like Word Search by POWGI a lot, though I know it won’t appeal to everyone. If you love crossword puzzles, this is the game for you. If you’ve never been a fan of them, well, this won’t be for you. I do think there is an audience for this type game on the Nintendo Switch! The game plays great on the TV and in portable mode. The multiplayer is a lot of fun.

Even if you played this game on the Wii U, I would recommend picking it up again on the Nintendo Switch. Word Search by POWGI hasn’t changed much, but the addition of online multiplayer adds yet another way to solve word puzzles with other people. Word Search by POWGI gets an 8.5 out of 10. Pick it up if you love word games!

Thanks to Lightwood Games for providing a review code of this game. Word Search by POWGI is out now on Nintendo Switch eshop.


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