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Loot Wear is the Best Valued ‘Box’

With all the subscription companies out there, it’s hard to determine which company is actually providing content that is worthwhile, and which are just providing junk. One this is for certain, however, no matter which company your are looking at: you won’t ever be completely satisfied with every box you get. This is just a fact, and sometimes it has nothing to do with the quality of the product or the company sending it to you. Some months, the theme might not resonate with you. One box that I have found consistently good, however, is the Loot Wear line from Loot Crate, a collection of various clothing items that are sure to put a smile on your face, and clothes on your body!

You can grab your own Loot Wearable (all available as separate packages starting at 9.99 for the socks bag) by clicking on the banner below, and using coupon code GAMESREVIEWS to save a few dollars!

Over the last number of months, Loot Wear has been the most consistent of all the subscription boxes, including the traditional Loot Crate and Loot Gaming. Loot Wear lately has included items from franchises like Beauty and the Beast, The Legend of Zelda, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and multiple Marvel and DC Universes. Since my family seems to split up the contents of each months Loot Wear, we always give this box are highest scores. Lets take a look at a few of the impressive items from the past few months!

Scarves for Everyone…

In the last two months bags, Loot Wear has provided scarves for those trendy men and women out there. I could never pull a scarf off, but my wife loves to use scarves as a way of expressing herself within an outfit. The last two scarves really resonated with her: A Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them scarf from the Harry Potter franchise, and a Beauty and the Beast scarf to commemorate the release of the new live-action Disney flick. Both scarves have already seen significant use, and they do exactly what my wife hopes they will do: subtley show the world the things she enjoys. She enjoys Beauty and the Beast, and really loves Harry Potter. Missions accomplished Loot Crate!

…Socks for Everyone

While my wife digs the scarves, I’m more of a sock and boxers kind of guy, and Loot Wear has been dishing out a healthy dose of both in their last few bags. Last month we got Super Mario socks, and this month a pair of Wolverine socks. These have been the standout socks lately, but even when I’m not completely enthralled by the franchises Loot Crate has decided to partner with, I can appreciate the colourfulness and uniqueness of the socks included. They are a great way for me to offset the dreary look of that suite I’m required to wear so often for work. Once again, socks are always a big win in the Roffel household, as well as boxers. If they continue to send them in each bag, we will continue to love them. Photo courtesy of Hello Subscriptions!

Legend of Zelda

If you aren’t playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you probably should be. Whether on the Wii U or the Nintendo Switch, it’s a must own game for any hardcore gamer. It’s no surprise that Loot Gaming and Loot Wear have taken advantage of the Zelda hype to include some wonderful tShirts in some of their latest boxes. Although not a Loot Wear item, the Legend of Zelda tShirt from the February Loot Gaming crate was outstanding, and the company followed it up with an equally awesome Legend of Zelda Shirt in their latest Loot Wear crate. Whether I wear it or my wife, this unisex shirt will look great on any hardcore Zelda fans body. And yes, your friends will probably be jealaous and ask where they can also get one. It’s easy, just go to Loot Crate website and use code GAMESREVIEWS at checkout!

Again, all photos here are taken from Hello Subscription. Check them out here for reviews on almost every subscription box imaginable! Want to see up-to-the-date pictures of what comes in these boxes and bags? Follow me on twitter, @adamroffel, to see more!



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