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Apparently God of War is Really Good!

The majority of the reviews for God of War are in now, and guess what folks: people really like this game, and it may go down as the best game ever released on a Sony platform…ever! Our own 10/10 review highlighted the fantastic character progression and story driven narrative, coupled with the great combat that just gets better as the game progresses. It wasn’t just us, however, as reviewers around the globe couldn’t stop gushing over this experience!

The tweet from Jeff Cannata below highlights the general feeling of all those who have had the opportunity to play God of War. This is a true masterpiece, and one that doesn’t come around that often. There have been great games in the past on all platforms. No one is debating that fact. However, this is on a whole new level. Years of hard work by the Sony Santa Monica team are paying off in spades now, and all that is left to see is how many units the game moves. Check out the entire thread from Jeff below, and let us know how excited you are for God of War!


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